Coffee with Simone

Parenting Questions Answered and meeting place for parents facing similar challenges with their children and/or teenagers.
Free support for parents with intense, sensitive, ‘overexcitable’, sometimes strong-willed or withdrawn, (more)able children is on offer in a new venture for Devon-based specialist in gifted education Simone de Hoogh.Simone de Hoogh

At ‘Coffee with Simone’, parents and grandparents can have a chat with Simone in a safe environment about any issues or challenges they have with children who are often described as ‘over-sensitive’, ‘overexcitable’ or sometimes ‘high-able’ and are generally experienced as ‘atypical’. Parents come because they worry about the behaviour of their child and would like to get some information or support on how to deal with the behaviour of their child.

Parents that feel part of the PowerWood community and volunteers, come to catch up and meet parents in similar situations and share their experiences.

Children and teenagers with ‘overexcitabilities’ and/or asynchronous development often experience the world in a significantly different way: they may find it overwhelmingly profound and intense, and feel different to their peers.

‘Coffee with Simone’ is once a month (except for the summer) from 10.30—12.00 a.m and at a child friendly place with free parking. Please see below.

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