PowerWood Camp 2016 – Week Long Fun and Informative Family Camp 6th – 13th of August
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PowerWood Camp*
A friendly, fun and supportive community

PowerWood Camp is a not-for-profit, off-grid event organised solely by volunteers. It is a small family camp with limited numbers. To book scroll down

I wanted to say that I loved the atmosphere at PowerWood; it felt genuinely respectful, and gentle, and that there was a willingness from everyone to ‘meet’ and support each other. To explore together. To me this was sooo wonderful – I live a lot of my life at the moment in our immediate community (where we live, school etc), and I don’t find that level of reflection. It’s like a home-coming – being around people who are self-aware (of their O.E.’s etc) and open also to accepting and exploring those of their children. I also think you offered a really rich, varied and thoughtful and most of all – nourishing – programme of activities.  Abigail, mum of a 5 and 7 year old.

Mason came to PowerWood Camp and afterwards send this video. Thank YOU Mason!

At PowerWood Camp children and adults can relax in a beautiful environment while learning how to live positively with intensity, super-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity (OE). Children can safely play together or just quietly enjoy nature. Parents are free to attend workshops, chat with kindred spirits in the tea/coffee corner or quietly browse a book in the nearby mini-library. Throughout the week there are inspiring sessions on different aspects of OE plus a wide range of fun workshops for children, whether they are interested in crafting, Lego, science or animals. In the evenings, those who wish to can gather around the fire to tell stories, make music, bake bread or just chat and nurture new friendships. The warm atmosphere and friendly volunteers mean that everyone feels welcome. I’d already been to a PowerWood workshop but I learned so much more about OE at the camp, and took home lots of practical tools for creating a happier home. My children and I agreed that one of the best things we took away was the knowledge that there are other people like us around!  Lucinda, mum of a 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son.

Latest News

Jorman, PowerWood Volunteer, is working towards his ‘Forest School Leader’ qualification and will offer a range of workshops during the camp.

Last year Jorman was involved in building a bridge over the creek with the children and using willow to make the sides. The tweens and children were really proud of the end result:)!

20150818_powerwood_567  IMG_6644
Simone interviews Karen the ‘Birds of Prey Lady’ about what she will do besides the ‘Handling and flying the birds of prey workshops’ at the PowerWood Camp 2016

Karen Stead-Dexter will share her knowledge about feathers in a creative workshop for the children where they will learn how to look at feathers and make a feather totem they can take home.

PowerWood Podcast
Listen to this PowerWood Podcast that the children, tweens and teens made during PowerWood Camp by interviewing each other and thank you Lucinda Guy of  SoundArt Radio for offering this inspiring workshop at PowerWood Camp, the children loved making it, and we loved the results! It will give you an isight in what is going on during the camp and how children and their parents experience the camp:)!

20150817_powerwood_458Isca, Noah’s  Connemara pony and her good friend Poppy will be at the PowerWood Camp and Noah, experienced with natural horsmanship, will offer information and demonstration. You can ask all your questions about natural horsemanship.


Handling and Flying Birds of Prey at PowerWood Camp
DSC_0391Karen Stead-Dexter will share with us her passion for birds of prey and give the workshops ‘The Magnificence of Birds of Prey’ and ‘Welcome to the Sport of Kings’ in which 3-4 birds will be chosen to fly to the glove of children and adults.

Birds that will fly include Barn Owl, Hawks, and Falcons. Thank YOU Karen for joining PowerWood!

How to calm your children before going to sleep

Jennie Dallas

Jennie Dallas

IMG_0410Many of our children have issues with, anxiety, falling asleep or relaxation, they need a long time to wind down.
Jennie Dallas, an experienced traditional Chinese accupuncturist form the Exeter Chinese Medicine Clinic will give a workshop about how to use accupressure to help calm children down. This is a simple method that every mum or dad can apply. She will demonstrate on willing participants. Thank YOU Jennie for joining PowerWood Camp and sharing your skills!

PowerWood Camp – a fun and caring community

PowerWood CampThe inspiring PowerWood Camp offers fun activities and workshops for the whole family, children, teenagers and parents, also including workshops for parents and children with lots of helpful information with Simone de Hoogh and room to connect and share with like-minded families. Likewise there is room and space to enjoy privately the beautiful nature and camp on a quiet spot.

PowerWood Camp will take place on beautiful countryside in North Devon. Four miles from Barnstaple with all facilities and 10 miles from the world class family beach Saunton:)!

PowerWood Camp FunSeven nights camping, good clean facilities, and all entertainment, activities and workshops are included in the ticket price.

Children and teenagers have the opportunity to meet with peers while joining-in a range of fun and /or educational activities.

The activities aim to stimulate and balance intellectual, creative and practical abilities. The activities are also an opportunity for children and teenagers to socialise and learn to regulate and master their moods in a safe and fun environment.

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It’s not me failing, it’s the situation and the child, and it helps to hear other stories

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28 February, 2016

PowerWood Camp for ChildrenThe PowerWood Summer Week also gives parents the opportunity to improve their understanding of the social and emotional needs of their child/teenager through workshops with helpful information. These workshops help parents feel more appreciative and confident about their parenting style and more capable of improving family communication and dynamics.PowerWood Camp Activities
And last but not least, during the PowerWood Summer Camping Week families can connect and share with other like-minded families, being a supportive community.

PowerWood invites you to become part of the PowerWood community.

*Please note: PowerWood Camp is an off-grid charitable PowerWood Community Event, organised solely by volunteers. We aim to make the events as sustainable and accessable to people from all walks of life, therefore we have chosen for a tier based fee structure based on the gross family income including benefits before tax and National Insurance Contribution. Fees and donations are used towards covering the costs, which have been mainly covered by grants and donations. Donations are very welcome and necessary in growing the PowerWood Community. If ever we reach the break even point of PowerWood’s charitable events all further proceeds will go to supporting families who cannot afford the non-charitable services.

For further information text or ring 079 263 665 11 or email [email protected]

Activities Camp; Workshops

Provisional activities planned so far at PowerWood Camp 2016.

➤ Choose your spot and set up camp
➤ Welcome Tea & home-made Apple Juice to meet the other families
➤ Tour of the land and receiving programme

➤ Get to know each other activities and workshops for adults, teens, ‘tweens’ and children

➤ Coffee Tea Corner open every day.
➤ Shared meals
➤ Teddy-bear Picnic lunch
➤ Communal camp fire
➤ Toddler area

Teenagers and ‘Tweens’ will have their own workshops.
➤ Building a community purpose project
➤ What are OE’s and how do they affect us with Simone
➤ Strategies to be in charge of your own OE with Simone
➤ Siblings with different OE with Simone
➤ Friendships bracelets with Noah

Familiar Favourites for all
➤ Science workshops with Magic Merlin
➤ Horse whispering explained with Noah and Isca, a lovely Connemara pony
➤ Friendly football play
➤ Singing
➤ Lego Play
➤ Chess games
➤ Play with the exercise balls

Art & Craft workshops
➤ Every morning Art & Craft activities
➤ Creating with Clay
NEW Make your own Feather Totem with Karen the ‘Birds of Prey Lady’
➤ Create in a group your own play and perform at the PowerWood show

Nature & Relax Workshops
➤ Workshops with and about birds of prey with Karen Stead-Dexter PhD falconer in which children can handle and fly the birds, adults are welcome too:)!
➤ Learn to deal with the fire, help to collect fire wood and prepare open fire.
➤ Grow your own apples or pears workshop
➤ Help weed and take care for the plants in the nursery
➤ Every morning ‘The Energy Routine’
➤ Acupressure to relax your children before sleeping by acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist Jennie Dallas
➤ How to practically apply hypnotherapy with David Martin

PowerWood Show
➤ Tell a joke, play an instruments, sing, dance, let your imagination run wild

Workshops for Parents with Simone
➤ Workshops for parents new to PowerWood’s basics ideas
➤ Special workshop for experienced parents about requested subjects
➤ NEW Parent Support Group to learn how to communicate without triggering yourself or anyone else while supporting each other
➤ Workshop for mums
➤ Workshop for dads

Don’t have camping gear?
You might want to hire a camper or a caravan locally.

All camping, facilities, entertainment, activities and workshops are included in the family ticket price. (Just to clarify, one ticket is needed per family and covers two parents and their children, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.)

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Bookings are no longer available for this event.

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