PowerWood’s Digital Information Package

You are here for more information about how PowerWood serves the neurodiverse community.

To keep our carbon footprint low and cater for digital needs, we developed PowerWood’s Digital Information package. Please feel free to download, share and spread the word 🙂

– A small card explaining what PowerWood offers to the neurodiverse community: A5 Card – What does PowerWood do

– An introduction to OE (overexcitability), describing the characteristics and challenges of emotional, imaginational, sensual, intellectual and psychomotor OE: OE-info-flyer-PowerWood-2016

– A short interview with PowerWood founder Simone de Hoogh that was published in Juno Magazine in 2013: My life my way Simone de Hoogh Juno magazine Summer 2013

– A short list of links to PowerWood videos: PowerWood Videos

– Four parents explaining how their children are different, the challenges and how PowerWood has helped them:

Parent story – The violence towards me from my child was constant

Parent story – Everything seems to affect him so deeply and intensely

Parent story – She is a mirror of me

Parent story – My son had been diagnosed with many things before

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