PowerWood Workshops for (Young) Adults

Become more knowledgeable, improve skills and communication within the family receiving practical tips on how to develop strategies how to deal with intense, sensitive, ‘over-excitable’, intelligent children and teenagers who exhibit challenging behaviour using your intellectual, creative and practical abilities while meeting other parents who face the same challenges.

“Finally understanding myself”

Living with Intensities

by Simone de Hoogh
One-Day Workshop
Workshop for adults, young adults and (mature) teenagers.
Are you sensitive, intense, ‘overexcitable’ and intelligent and you want to know more? This course gives an overview of intensity, sensitivity and over-excitability and its implications for yourself. More information about ‘over-excitability’ you can find here.
We will discuss what ‘over-excitability’ is and how to see it in the bigger context.
You are going to find out what your specific areas of ‘over-excitability’ are and how you could use them for the better.
Also will you be given practical tips how to deal with the sometimes not easy to control effects of ‘over-excitability’ e.g. sensory overload, overwhelming emotions, restlessness, differences of ‘over-excitability’ in relationships etc.
Enlarge your understanding of yourself and improve your self-regulation skills in a safe environment.
Cost: – £55 (£45 for partner or family member)
Please bring your own packed lunch, tea, coffee and biscuits are provided for.
(reduced rates available for people experiencing financial hardship*.)
Addressing individual requirements
In order to maximise benefit, those wishing to take part are invited to list beforehand any particular challenges they experience. This information will be used in designing the programme, but individual details will remain confidential at all times.
What participants liked about ‘Living with Intensity’

“Sharing experiences with others”

“It casts an entire different light on our relationship”

“Practical tips about how to enjoy over-excitabilities”

*To apply for reduced rates if you are on a low income or experience financial hardship, please send an email in which you explain your reasons for applying.

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