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Simone and Ella at PowerWood Camp

Simone and Ella at PowerWood Camp

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PowerWood’s Workshop has given me the information and tools I was looking for and, most importantly, it’s given me peace and strength. The process of releasing expectations has sometimes been painful, but I’m gradually finding acceptance. It’s a case of finding a way to live with the practical implications of everyone’s imaginations and emotions working overtime, so that there’s less struggle and more happiness.

Through PowerWood I’ve learned how powerful physical contact can be in helping calm down my son when he’s going ballistic. And I’ve found the communication model very useful – it really helps to engage my son’s intellect when he’s gone off on an emotional rant. With my daughter, I’ve been able to show her how she’s the generator of her imagination, which means she can find some control over what she’s imagining, even her bad dreams. (Mum of 3)

27 February, 2016