Sat 9 March 9.30-11am – Appreciation Overexcitability (OE)


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Online Real-Time Workshop

This one-and-a-half hour online workshop will give you a deeper understanding of all types of Overexcitability (OE), how they influence each other and will raise your awareness of the positives that it may bring.

You will be given a strategic framework and a practical checklist of how to lose as little energy as possible and how to gain and direct the energy associated with all the different types of OE towards self-chosen goals.

Get practical tips to bring home

Simone de Hoogh
Senior Consultant

Simone de Hoogh will explain Overexcitability (OE), underlying theories and how it can create intense reactions.

The workshop will also allow participants to share challenging real-life situations around this topic and unpick it together with Simone to get further clarity which factors are at play and Simone will share additional theories, strategies and tools that can be helpful in those real-life situations.

Listen back

If we succeed in making a reasonable quality audio recording this will be made available to you as well without any extra costs.

Your Workshop Leader

Simone de Hoogh has more than 20+ years experience of working with neurodiverse children, teens and adults, over the years she has collected theories that help to understand and feel compassionate to ourselves, our children and others and has developed MERT (Multi Emotion Regulation Theory) full of simple strategies and tools that can be used directly to support ourselves and others in directing positively the energy associated with Neurodiversity towards self chosen goals.

We will use the Google Hangout Platform

You will receive an invitation from Google Calendar before the time, on which a direct link will be to this workshop on the agreed time. You can click on this link before the video call to check if it works for you.

If you are not familiar with this platform, read about how to get started with Google Hangout and the technical requirements.

We would also like to advise to try Google Hangout with a friend to get familiarised with the Platform Google Hangout that we will use before the workshop. We are not able to support you with any technical difficulties.

Filming and Recording

PowerWood will be recording the audio/video of this workshop and will use it for promotion and to sell it in our shop for those that miss the live session.

By purchasing this workshop you give your consent to us for doing so. If you don’t want to be in the film please disable your camera on the given online platform before the workshop starts.



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