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Children with overexcitability tend to be over sensitive, easily overwhelmed and display over-excited behaviour. They may be nervous or shy, or they may show strong emotional reactions.Their behaviour may be inappropriate or challenging and they are often misunderstood, and sometimes misdiagnosed and labelled. Overexcitable children and teenagers and even adults can be extremely overwhelmed by their strong urge to move and talk, their intense physical feelings, their vivid imagination, their thirst for knowledge, and their profound emotions.

Intense, sensitive, overexcitable, more-able children and teenagers who might experience asynchronous development need a different style of parenting, teaching and counseling.

Quality of Life

20% of children have overexcitability to some extent and 2-4% have it in such a way it can bring challenges to family life.
If it isn’t recognised and supported overexcitability can have a negative effect on quality of life. Even at a young age, affected children can become extremely unhappy, display symptoms commonly associated with depression and even express suicidal thoughts.


Parents of intense, sensitive sometimes ‘overexcitable‘ (more)able children and teenagers often feel alone, they have tried many parenting techniques, which didn’t work, and sometimes are at their wit’s end. Often parents blame themselves and unfortunately sometimes get blamed by their social environment for the behaviour of their children. In fact parents are faced by many challenges because overexcitable children and teenagers need a different style of parenting, teaching and counselling.

  • Does your child express emotional reactions that seem out of proportion?
  • Are you a parent of a sensitive or easily over-whelmed child?
  • Is your child withdrawn or hard to communicate with?
  • Does your intelligent or high-able child have trouble communicating emotionally?
  • Are you looking to connect better with your uncommunicative teenager?

You are not alone!

PowerWood’s workshops offer solid advice and support for parents worried about their children’s behaviour: in general (over)sensitivity; intensity and strong emotional reactions. Here you can find a list of common issues. You might worry about your child’s mental health or even wonder if a given diagnosis really covers what is going on.

Key Aim Workshops

A key aim of PowerWood workshops is to empower parents with the skills needed to help their child to understand and be in charge of their own emotions, behaviour and needs and support overexcitable children develop independent skills to understand and deal constructively with their own feelings and needs.You’ll also be introduced to strategies that can make challenging situations more manageable and build greater communication and improve family and relationship dynamics.

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop. I feel really positive about helping the boys and I’ve already had success with some of the strategies.”

PowerWood offers the following workshops

Connecting Positively with your ‘Overexcitable’ Child and/or Teenager

This full day workshop is designed to inform and empower parents, carers and professionals who are seeking positive and effective communication with their children and teenagers.  Led by Simone de Hoogh, a qualified and experienced Parenting Consultant, Life Coach and ‘ECHA* Specialist in Gifted Education’, the day will provide a greater understanding of the need for support and clear communication within the family with OverExcitable children as well as teaching some practical strategies to achieve this.This workshop is designed to help you understand what you and your child need to enable positive dialogue and develop a clear connection. You’ll learn how strong emotions may affect development and behaviour, as well as discovering more about influencing factors such as Asynchronous Development, Overexcitability and High Ability and get practical tools to help improve family dynamics.

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I went to a workshop with Simone de Hoogh and was amazed about the level of information as well as practical use I took home with me. It has made so much difference for me in terms of understanding my daughters reactions (as well as mine).

Confidently Guiding your ‘Overexcitable’ Child and/or Teenager

This full day workshop is for parents, carers and professionals that have been to the ‘Connecting positively with your ‘Overexcitable’ Child and/or Teenager” and is designed to help you support your child be in charge of their own emotions and needs.You’ll learn how emotional stress may influence intellectual, emotional, creative, practical ability and communication, as well as discovering more about important aspects in communication and self-regulation such as involuntary mechanisms, neurological pathways and how to give the biggest gift in life to your child or teenager: the ability to change.

Addressing individual requirements

This workshop Guiding Confidently your ‘Overexcitable’ Child and/or Teenager can also be more tailored to your needs by listing beforehand any particular challenges related to the social and emotional needs of your child/teenager per email and any subjects you would like Simone de Hoogh to cover. This information will be if possible used in designing the programme, but individual details will remain confidential at all times.

See and book the workshops that are currently available

Meeting other like-minded parents and feeling able to express myself truthfully. I feel validated by meeting Simone, and the other parents.

*ECHA is the European Council for High Ability