FreeBee PowerWood Community Membership

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Your Membership Benefits:

  • You are supporting PowerWood by showing through member numbers the importance of the work of PowerWood

  Community Services

 Consultancy Services

  • FREE Introductory Talk with Simone de Hoogh PowerWood’s Senior Consultant to discuss your worries in more detail and if PowerWood can be of service, 45-60 minutes by Skype or FaceTime


Dear FreeBee PowerWood Community Member,

Thank you for allowing PowerWood to show though member numbers the importance of PowerWood’s aims and efforts.

We wouldn’t be able to offer the level of support we do without the help of our community including you becoming a FreeBee PowerWood Community Member.

Thank YOU!

Kind regards,

The PowerWood Team

N.B. After joining our Community through a FreeBee Community Membership you will receive an email with information to access your FREE e-book: ‘Understanding Overexcitability’.

Joining our Community

By joining our Community you are validating PowerWood’s value, therefore, making it possible to continue to offer sustainable support and to secure funding for future projects.


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