Different Parenting Styles an Issue?

In this video (or Audio) Simone de Hoogh, founder of PowerWood and Kate are talking about the challenges of having not the same parenting styles and how to go about that.

The tips, tools and strategies mentioned can be applied in many other situations as well.

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Supporting our Children through Transitions

In this video (or Audio) Simone de Hoogh, founder of PowerWood and Abigail are talking about challenges our children experience during transitions between school and end of term time and Christmas.

The tips, tools and strategies mentioned can be applied in many other situations as well.

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4-7-8 Most effective breathing exercise with Simone de Hoogh

Simone de Hoogh about why she started PowerWood


A Huge Thank YOU

We want to give a Huge Thank YOU to Kate Jangra, independent filmmaker for her professional input, the workshops in which she helped the children and teens to make their own films and her continued emphasis on this important medium.If a video doesn’t look high quality, it’s because Kate wasn’t involved (enough) or because she allowed children and teens to explore creatively their filming fun or because we were just plain stubborn.Without Kate we wouldn’t be able to share with you in this appealing visual way, that works for many of us very well. Thank YOU KATE!!!

Videos made of and by our PowerWood Community

PowerWood’s Children Film 2017

Romy 8 about PowerWood

Ella 12 about PowerWood

George 17 on how PowerWood helped her understand herself and connect to her sister

PowerWood a parent’s perspective

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*Overexcitability Test

OE (Overexcitability) is an element of a Developmental Theory –Theory of Positive Disintegration by Dabrowski- that is one of the underpinning theories of MERT (Multi-level Emotion Regulation Theory) developed by Simone de Hoogh. Overexcitability explains and allows us to look at ‘extreme’ behaviour as a valuable asset in our or our children’s life. 

Find out if you or your child has OE (OverExcitability) as well

*Boundary Test

A HUGE thank YOU to the son and daughter of Ernest Hartmann’s who gave PowerWood permission to use and put the full academically approved questionnaire about the Boundary in the Mind on PowerWood’s website.

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