Get to know yourself or your child better

Find out if you or your child has intensity, sensitivity, or hyper-reactivity; how different Boundaries in the Mind influence how we behave and think; and if stress might affect your or your child’s health


Taking our or our children’s Overexcitability (OE) into account will help grow understanding and compassion towards our own and others’ (sometimes not helpful) behaviour, and will help us to see the positives of the innate Overexcitability.

Boundaries in the Mind

Taking our own and others’ Boundaries in the Mind into account might be helpful in understanding ourselves and others, and might help to make our ways of communication more effective.

Stress Scale non-adults

Raising awareness of our own, or our child’s stress levels and how they might affect our or our child’s health can be helpful when making decisions that might bring stress to our lives.

Stress Scale Adults

We often are not fully aware of the stress we are experiencing. To raise awareness of our own stress levels and how they might affect our health can be helpful when making decisions that might include changes.

Continued support

During these challenging times PowerWood facilitates access  – also to non-members – to all information, tests, strategies and tools.

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