Get to know yourself and your child better

Find out if you or your child has intensity, sensitivity, or hyper-reactivity; how different the type of Boundaries in the Mind influence how we behave and think; and if stress might affect your or your child’s health.

Boundaries in the Mind

Because of the Thicker Boundaries in the Mind, we or our children might be much affected by internal and/or external tension or energy but are not able to express it easily beside a non-verbal expression or an explosion.  On the surface, it might seem that they are more easily stuck in the Cycle of Emotional and Sensory Overload and they need our support to develop tools to regulate their emotional reactions. Taking our own and others’ Boundaries in the Mind into account might help to make our ways of communication more effective.

Stress Scale

This test is a helpful tool to raise awareness of our own, or our child’s stress levels and how they might affect our or our’s child health.

Taking our stress levels into account when making small and big decisions about changes will help us reflect on when would be the most helpful time to make any changes as they will often bring extra stress.

Introduction Boundaries in the Mind

Boundaries Questionnaire

Introduction Stress Scale

Stress Scale Adults Test

Stress Scale Non-Adults Test