Creative ‘clutter’ and cleaning-up – inspiration, creativity, and spring cleaning!

As the days slowly brighten and turn to spring, my thoughts turn to spring cleaning and making space for all […]

It is immensely powerful…

Dear Simone, I loved your article on real compliments. It was very timely for me and I am attempting to […]

A huge difference in my life

“Simone’s ability both to help me reframe negative self-perceptions and to understand the workings of my psyche, from an emotional […]

Dealing with acute overwhelm, including tips how to get through

Recovering from obstacles  The last few years my life has been coloured by different obstacles, some  private ones and some […]

Making choices whilst making art – exploring the role of decision-making in creativity

I wanted to write this post because it’s been something that I’ve become aware of and quietly pondered over the […]

From being terrified that my son would fail to him achieving a Mark of Distinction

I am a mother of four children, having had my first child at the age of 15 years old and […]

The art of giving heartfelt compliments to ourselves, our children and teens

This post includes a ‘heartfelt compliment script’, a tool to compliment ourselves and our child effectively and is part of […]

Befriending my PowerBook

The Power of Heartfelt Compliments One of the tools in the PowerWood tool box is the PowerBook. The aim of […]