All change starts with awareness, without awareness there is no change. We are trying to be as true to ourselves as we are aware of and respect our own and other people’s pace during this journey of life.

All offered Information, strategies and tools are cutting-edge research-based, trialled, tested and approved by many families and individuals and are adaptable to your personal lifestyle choices, belief system and your personal circumstances.

Simone de Hoogh and Ella at PowerWood Camp

Trust Our Own Instincts

We are the expert on ourselves, our child(ren), our relationships and what is and what isn’t possible in our situation.

Unfortunately, most professionals are not adequately trained in assessing and supporting us and our children, not for nothing, there are written books about the risks for mis- and dual diagnosis. And sadly many of us have experienced not only being blamed by our social environment but also by professionals for our own and/or the behaviour of our children without receiving the much-needed help. We often end up being the expert on our own child, while battling with feelings of inadequacy trick-or-treating us by our contact with professionals.

Receive the Information and Support you Need

Informing and educating ourselves helps us to feel confident and secure with our role as an advocate for either ourselves or for a child and to make informed decisions about whatever issue that arises, whatever route we decide to take. This allows us to be the best advocate for ourselves and for our child.

PowerWood’s Community

Find understanding, tools and strategies that work in an understanding, respectful and compassionate Community.
PowerWood can be your and your families advocate and your second family.
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