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PowerWood C.I.C., a leading UK not-for-profit, community-driven, social venture is committed to raising awareness about neurodiversity as a positive force for change in society. We believe neurodiversity is the result of normal, natural variation in humans. We celebrate this different way of looking at conditions or innate abilities, which have been traditionally pathologised. This point of view is increasingly supported by science, and is challenging widespread social norms and stigmas. Our focus is on compassionately and creatively supporting children and (young) individuals adapting any behaviour that keeps them from following their dreams and achieving their personal aims. PowerWood is shaping its services to the current changes in our society by further exploring and developing our online platform as well as expanding our support to individuals and their families.

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The different types of Overexcitability (OE) explained

Understanding how the different types of intensity, sensitivity and hyper-reactivity, seen as Overexcitability (OE) in the psychological world, might influence ourselves and our children

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Supporting neurodiverse individuals and families with non-neuro-typical and overexcitable (OE) children towards leading a more fulfilling and/or harmonious family life


Neurodiverse children and individuals need understanding, strategies and tools to enable them to appreciate themselves and direct their energy towards self-chosen goals

True to ourselves

Informing and educating ourselves helps us to feel confident and secure with our role as an advocate for either ourselves or for our child and to make informed decisions about our journey in life

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Supporting our children through Transitions

Simone de Hoogh: why she started PowerWood

PowerWood Camp 2017 Children’s film

Radically Compassionate ...

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Read Stories of others facing some of the same challenges

I can say to my daughter that other people feel like this…

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“She was really wound up, deeply depressed, withdrawn, not talking to anyone”

‘Airy fairy’ When my daughter Lisa* started at a preschool group, the staff noticed that she was a bit ‘airy […]

“The violence towards me from my child was constant” single mum of child with PDA

I always knew that James* was different. People would say ‘He is a boy’, ‘You are on your own’, ‘It’s […]

Simone de Hoogh's Newest Blogs and Vlogs

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The art of giving heartfelt compliments to ourselves, our children and teens

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What to say about Ukraine to our children – Six Steps to support our child or teen (and ourselves) in those challenging times

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With the support of our Sponsors and All the Lovely People, who dedicate compassionately energy, time and expertise to the sustainable growth of PowerWood, we are able to offer so much to our Community. THANK YOU