Intense? Sensitive? Over-Anxious? Easily Overwhelmed? Reacts out of proportion? Experience life differently?

Are you puzzled or worried about your child or teenager?

PowerWoods ‘Exploring Overexcitability’ eBook written by Simone de Hoogh with help of many volunteers gives information about what Overexcitability means, how they might affect you or your child and how you can recognise the different forms of Overexcitability and the benefits it might bring.

This eBook might be life-changing if you recognise yourself or your child in being  (one or more): intense, sensitive, over-anxious, easily overwhelmed, reacting out of proportion and experiencing life differently.

Puzzled or worried about your child or teenager or yourself? 

PowerWood’s eBook ‘Exploring Overexcitability’ will give you insights in:

  • How having OE might affect yourself and/or your child.
  • Where this behaviour stems from.
  • How it can be misdiagnosed.
  • What the strengths are of having Overexcitability.

FREE: Download PowerWoods ‘Exploring Overexcitability’ eBook 

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