From Isolation to Community

Many of us have felt isolated, inadequate, blamed or judged, for our own and/or our child’s behaviour.

We have been told that if we were more strict, or more lenient (can be very  different), the current issues with ourselves and/or our children would be non-existent.

Enriching Community

PowerWood is an enriching community that provides its members with a respectful, compassionate, supportive, enjoyable and safe environment.

PowerWood supports intense, sensitive, hyper-reactive more-able individuals, young adult, teens, tweens, children, parents, couples and families with research-driven theories, practical tools and strategies.

You are CRUCIAL to and for PowerWood

There are many ways you be part of PowerWood’s community and become part of our tribe.

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You are welcome to join PowerWood’s Closed FaceBook group and meet and chat with families who face the same kind of challenges,.

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If you are social savvy ou can also share on social media PowerWood’s posts and articles, to spread the word of how neurodiversity is a positive force for change in society.

Support PowerWood in whatever way feels comfortable to you, that can be through sharing cutting-edge research-based information, strategies and tools that are compassionately adaptable to our personal lifestyle choices and belief system with all neurodiverse families. Thank you.

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PowerWood is a not-for-profit community-driven organisation and without your support, donations and active contributions we would not be able to provide the same level of support and services to neurodiverse individuals and families facing challenges from all walks of life, nor continually adapt and improve our services so they fit the needs of our community best.

We are compassionately and creatively supporting families, children and (young) individuals form all kinds of backgrounds in a socially justified way, adapting any behaviour that keeps them from following their dreams and achieving their personal aims. If you are financially able you please consider becoming a PowerWood Rock, providing PowerWood from the goodness of your heart with a rock steady foundation with a monthly or yearly donation which allows for PowerWood’s Community work and to grow our Community in a sustainable way through a regular financial commitment.

You can help provide the foundation for PowerWood’s community work to serve all neurodiverse families from all walks of life by a regular monthly donation. Any for you comfortable amount is helpful and highly appreciated.

By clicking the PayPal logo and donating whatever you can, you will be helping us to support even more people and respond more quickly to community needs. Become a PowerWood Rock! Thank YOU!

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Your support through membership and your donations are crucial.

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Join us as a FreeBee or Friend member (one membership per household) to benefit from our expertise and support our community-driven social enterprise.

By joining you are supporting our PowerWood Community as well as validating PowerWood’s energy, efforts and determination, therefore, making it possible to continue to offer sustainable support to individuals and families from all walks of life, and to secure funding for future projects.

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Emotion Regulation

Multilevel Emotion Regulation Theory (MERT) is a holistic theory developed by  Simone de Hoogh.  The theory explains how neurodiverse (young) individuals and parents of neurodiverse children can develop emotional regulation skills and direct their energy towards self-chosen goals, and contribute to society.    

PowerWood’s Community

Find understanding, tools and strategies that work in an understanding, respectful and compassionate Community.
PowerWood can be your and your family’s advocate, and your second family. 

Explore how joining our PowerWood community by becoming a member will benefit you and your family and what types of memberships are available.

Join our Community

Available to Members*

*Booking a one-off Free Introductory Talk of 45-60 minutes by Skype or FaceTime with Senior Consultant Simone de Hoogh is one of the benefits of being either a FreeBee PowerWood Community Member or a Friend PowerWood Community Member.

Book a FREE Introductory Talk with a Professional*

 You can read more about PowerWood’s Consultancy Sessions,  the Benefits of a Free Introductory Talk and PowerWood’s Consultancy Services Tiered Fee Structure.

*Overexcitability Test

OE (Overexcitability) is an element of a Developmental Theory – Theory of Positive Disintegration by Dabrowski – that is one of the underpinning theories of MERT (Multi-level Emotion Regulation Theory) developed by Simone de Hoogh. Overexcitability explains and allows us to look at ‘extreme’ behaviour as a valuable asset in our or our children’s life. 

Find out if you or your child has OE (OverExcitability) as well

*Boundary Test

A HUGE thank YOU to the son and daughter of Ernest Hartmann who gave PowerWood permission to use and put the full academically approved questionnaire about the Boundary in the Mind on PowerWood’s website.

Find out how the Boundary in the Mind affects you or your child