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Simple tips, tools, and strategies to support our children with transitions

Transitions can be tough for both kids and mums. One mum from our PowerWood FaceBook Group shared:

“Any ideas on how to prepare kids for the school holidays and change of class? My son’s been wetting the bed, melting down at any opportunity, and is really, really hyper. I know it’s about anxiety to do with the changes ahead.”

Join Simone de Hoogh, founder of PowerWood, and Abigail in this engaging video (or audio) as they explore the challenges our children face when moving between school terms and holiday breaks. Their advice is also helpful for supporting children’s transition back to school after any break or holiday.

Discover practical tips, tools, and strategies that can be applied to many other situations too.

Audio File

Do you prefer to listen on the go? Download the mp3 of Supporting Children through Transitions – Tips, Tools & Strategies with Simone de Hoogh and Abigail.


“This was great! So many helpful ideas and strategies for coping with stressful times. Thank you both for explaining so clearly. 💕”

“I really enjoyed this video, it was a great way of presenting suggestions and solutions around this topic. I really love this format and realised how in fact my homeschooled child is having a reaction to her in school sister’s end of term, and I hadn’t even noticed 😮. Well, I have noticed a change in her mood and behaviour, but it only occurred to me now, that this is in fact a transition for her, and due to having homeschooled both girls previously it’s our first experience with this. Thank you 😊😍”

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