We are all pack animals and evolutionarily we all want, whatever our age, to belong truly. Therefore creating, consolidating and growing our community in a sustainable way is most important to us.
We are celebrating neurodiversity, being happily unique, together.

What Do we Stand for

PowerWood C.I.C  the UK’s leading not-for-profit, community-driven, social venture committed to raising awareness about Neurodiversity as a positive force for change in society. We believe Neurodiversity is the result of normal, natural variation in humans. We celebrate this different way of looking at conditions or innate abilities that were traditionally pathologised. This point of view is increasingly supported by science and is challenging widespread social norms and stigmas.

Neurodiverse children and individuals need understanding, strategies and tools to enable them to direct their energy towards self-chosen goals and become a respected contributor to their community who are able to enjoy life.

PowerWood’s aim is supporting and improving the emotional well-being of those families and individuals. Neurodiverse families are often living with intensity, super-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity. Psychologists refer to these combined traits as ‘overexcitability’ (OE). Having this increased sensitivity, awareness and intensity make a real difference to how life is experienced. These positive personality traits may bring above-average energy, pleasure, enjoyment, creativity, interests and empathy. OE also often comes with the deep urge to make the world a better place for everyone.

You are Not Alone

Are you or is your child or teenager intense, sensitive and easily overwhelmed? Do you or/and he or she sometimes react out of proportion: over-anxious, over-enthusiastic or over-fearful? You or they might feel nervous, shy or very outgoing. Children’s and teens behaviour may seem inappropriate or challenging and they are often misunderstood. Would you like to share your challenges with others experiencing similar situations?

Crave Understanding?

Want to understand where your intensity stems from and why you seem to experience the world in a far more intense, multi-faceted way? You might even wonder if you have a psychological issue and want to find out about how intense is normal and how to deal constructively with the anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, maybe even self-loathing that sometimes comes with the intensity and use all that energy to steer your life the direction you want it to go.

Feel Different?

Want to understand why you feel, see and think differently, sometimes experiencing the world in a more overwhelming way compared with the others around you? Feeling like not many people seem to understand you or even think that you’re not quite normal? Would you like to meet others who do feel like you do and who ‘get’ you? Would you like to get the knowledge, tools and strategies that will help you to be in charge of your own and others emotional reactions?

*OE is a characteristic of the nervous system involving higher than average sensitivity to stimuli (a lower threshold to stimuli) and a higher than average response to stimuli. People who have these innate traits often experience asynchronous development, high-ability, twice-exceptionality (high-ability combined with a learning difficulty e.g. dyslexia) and sometimes sensory processing and anxiety related issues.

PowerWood’s Community

Find understanding, tools and strategies that work in an understanding, respectful and compassionate Community.
PowerWood can be your and your families advocate and your second family.
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Your Free Introductory Talk of 45-60 minutes by Skype, FaceTime or phone (in the UK) will be with Senior Consultant Simone de Hoogh. To book please fill in the form below. You can book a FIT if you would like to discuss the results of the OE Questionnaire or to share your worries with an experienced professional.

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