This Boundaries Questionnaire is a helpful tool to raise awareness of in which areas of our lives e.g. thinking, feeling, experiencing, behaving, communication, our opinions etc. we are e.g. more or less flexible compared to the average people.

Because of the Thicker Boundaries in the Mind, we or our children might be much affected by internal and/or external tension or energy but are not able to express it easily beside a non-verbal expression or an explosion.  On the surface, it might seem that they are more easily stuck in the Cycle of Emotional and Sensory Overloadand they need our support to develop tools to regulate their emotional reactions. Taking our own and others’ Boundaries in the Mind into account might help to make our ways of communication more effective.

Taking our and others Boundaries in the Mind into account might be helpful in understanding ourselves and others and might improve our way of connecting with ourselves and with others and might help to make our ways of communication more effefctive.

Understanding your results

Read Understanding Behaviour, by Understanding Boundaries to understand your results of the Boundaries Questionnaire more in detail.

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Boundaries Questionnaire

 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
1.   When I awake in the morning, I am not sure whetherI am really awakefor a few minutes.
2.   I have had unusual reactions to alcohol.
3.   My feelings blend into one another.
4.   I am very close to my childhood feelings.
5.   I am very careful about what I say to people untilI get to knowthem really well.
6.   I am very sensitive to other people’s feelings.
7.   I like to pigeon hoe things as much as possible.
8.   I like solid music with a definite beat.
9.   I think children have a special sense of joy and wonder which islater often lost.
10.   In an organization, everyone should have a definite place and aspecific role.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
11.   People of different nations are basically very much alike.
12.   There are a great many forces influencing us whichscience does notunderstand at all.
13.   I have dreams, daydreams, nightmares in which my body or someone else’sbody is being stabbed, injured, or torn apart.
14.   I have had unusual reactions to marijuana.
15.   Sometimes I don’t know whether I am thinking or feelings.
16.   I can remember things from when I was less than three years old.
17.   I expect other people to keep a certain distance.
18.   I think I would be a good psychotherapist.
19.   I keep my desk and worktable neat and well organized.
20.   I think it might be fun to wear medieval armor.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
21.   A good teacher needs to help a child remain special.
22.   When making a decision, you shouldn’t let your feelings get in theway.
23.   Being dressed neatly and cleanly is very important.
24.   There is time for thinking and there is a time forfeeling; they shouldbe kept separate.
25.   My daydreams don’t always stay in control.
26.   I have had unusual reactions to coffee or tea.
27.   For me, things are black or white; there are no shades of grey.
28.   I had a difficult and complicated childhood.
29.   When I get involved with someone, I know exactly who I am and who theother person is. We may cooperate, but we maintain our separateselves.
30.   I am easily hurt.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
31.   I get to appointments right on time.
32.   I like heavy solid clothing.
33.   Children and adults have a lot in common. They should give themselvesa chance to be together without any strict roles.
34.   In getting along with other people in an organization, it is veryimportant to be flexible and adaptable.
35.   I believe many of the world’s problems could be solved if only peopletrusted each other more.
36.   Either you are telling the truth or you are lying;that’s all thereis to it.
37.   I spend a lot of time daydreaming, fantasizing or in reverie.
38.   I am afraid I may fall apart completely.
39.   I like to have beautiful experiences without analyzing them or tryingto understand them in detail.
40.   I have definite plans for my future. I can lay out pretty well what Iexpect year by year at least for the next few years.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
41.   I can usually tell what another person is thinkingor feeling withoutanyone saying anything.
42.   I am unusually sensitive to loud noises and to bright lights.
43.   I am good at keeping accounts and keeping track ofmy money.
44.   I like stories that have a definite beginning, middle, and end.
45.   I think an artist must in part remain a child.
46.   A good organization is one in which all the lines of responsibility areprecise and clearly established.
47.   Each nation should be clear about its interests, its own boundaries, aswell as the interests and boundaries of other nations.
48.   There is a place for everything, and everything should be in its place.
49.   Every time something frightening happens to me, I have nightmares orfantasies or flashbacks involving the frightening event.
50.   I feel unsure of who I am at times.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
51.   At times I feel happy and sad all at once.
52.   I have a clear memory of my past. I could tell you pretty well whathappened year by year.
53.   When I get involved with someone, we sometimes gettoo close.
54.   I am a very sensitive person.
55.   I like things to be spelled out precisely and specifically.
56.   I think a good teacher must remain in part a child.
57.   I like paintings and drawings with clear outlines and no blurrededges.
58.   A good relationship is one in which everything is clearly defined andspelled out.
59.   People are totally different from each other.
60.   When I wake up, I wake up quickly and I am absolutely sure I am awake.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
61.   At times I have felt as if I were coming apart.
62.   My thoughts blend into one another.
63.   I had a difficult and complicated adolescence.
64.   Sometimes it’s scary when one gets too involved with another person.
65.   I enjoy soaking up atmosphere even if I don’t understand exactly what’sgoing on.
67.   I like paintings or drawings with soft and blurrededges.
68.   A good parent has to be a bit of a child too.
69.   I cannot imagine marrying or living with someone of another religion.
70.   It is very hard truly to empathize with another person becausepeople are so different.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
71.   All important thought involves feelings too.
72.   I have dreams and daydreams or nightmares in whichI see isolatedbody parts—arms, legs, heads, etc.
73.   Things around me seem to change their size and shape.
74.   I can easily imagine myself to be an animal or what is might belike to be an animal.
75.   I feel very separate and distinct from everyone else.
76.   When I am in a new situation, I try to find out precisely what is goingon and what the rules are as soon as possible.
77.   I enjoy(ed) geometry; there are simple straightforward rules andeverything fits.
78.   A good parent must be able to empathize with his/her children, to betheir friend and playmate at the same time.
79.   I cannot imagine living with or marrying a person of another race.
80.   People are so different that I never know what someone else is thinkingor feeling.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
81.   Beauty is a very subjective thing. I know what I like, but I wouldn’texpect anyone else to agree.
82.   In my daydreams, people kind of merge into one another or one personturns into another.
83.   My body sometimes seems to change its size or shape.
84.   I get over involved in things.
85.   When something happens to a friend of mine or a lover, it is almostas if it happened to me.
86.   When I work on a project, I don’t like to tie myself down to a definiteoutline. I rather like to let my mind wander.
87.   Good solid frames are very important for a pictureor painting.
88.   I think children need strict discipline.
89.   People are happier with their own kind than when they mix.
90.   East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet. (Kipling)
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
91.   There are definite rules and standards, which one can learn, about whatis and is not beautiful.
92.   In my dreams, people sometimes merge into each other or becomeother people.
93.   I believe I am influenced by forces which no one can understand.
94.   When I read something, I get so involved it can bedifficult to getback to reality.
95.   I trust people easily.
96.   When I am working on a project I make a careful, detailed outline andthen follow it closely.
97.   The movies and TV shows I like the best are the ones where there aregood guys and bad guys and you always know who they are.
98.   If we open ourselves to the world, we find that things go better thanexpected.
99.   Most people are sane; some people are crazy; thereis no in-between.
100.   I have had déjà vu experiences.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
101.   I have a very definite sense of space around me.
102.   When I really get involved in a game or in playingat something, it’ssometimes hard when the game stops and the rest ofthe world begins.
103.   I am a very open person.
104.   I think I would enjoy being an engineer.
105.   There are no sharp dividing lines between normal people, people withproblems, and people who are considered psychotic or crazy.
106.   When I listen to music I get so involved, it is sometimes difficultto get back to reality.
107.   I am always at least a little bit on my guard.
108.   I am a down to earth, no-nonsense kind of person.
109.   I like houses with flexible spaces, where you can shift things aroundand make different uses out of the same rooms.
110.   Success is largely a matter of good organization and keeping goodrecords.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
111.   Everyone is a little crazy at times.
112.   I have daymares.
113.   I awake from one dream into another.
114.   Time slows down and speeds up for me. Time passesvery differentlyon different occasions.
115.   I feel at one with the world.
116.   Sometimes I meet someone and trust him or her so completely that Ican share just about everything about myself at the first meeting.
117.   I think I would enjoy being the captain of a ship.
118.   Good fences make good neighbors.
119.   My dreams are so vivid that even later I can’t tell them from wakingreality.
120.   I have often had the experience of different senses coming together.For example, I have felt that I could smell a color, or see a sound,or hear an odor.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
121.   I read things straight through from beginning to end. (I don’t skip;or go off on interesting tangents.)
122.   I have friends and I have enemies, and I know which are which.
123.   I think I would enjoy being some kind of a creative artist.
124.   A man is a man and a woman is a woman; it is very important to maintainthat distinction.
125.   I know exactly what parts of town are safe and what parts are unsafe.
126.   I have had the experience of not knowing whether Iwas imagining somethingor it was actually happening.
127.   When I recall a conversation or a piece of music, I hear it just asthough it was happening there again right in frontof me.
128.   I think I would enjoy a really loose, flexible jobwhere I could writemy own job description.
129.   All men have something feminine in them and all women have somethingmasculine in them.
130.   In my dreams, I have been a person of the oppositesex.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
131.   I have had the experience of someone calling me orspeaking my own nameand not being sure whether it was really happening, or whether I wasimagining it.
132.   I can visualize something so vividly that it is just as though it ishappening right in front of me.
133.   I think I could be a good fortune teller or a medium.
134.   In my dreams, I am always myself.
135.   I see auras or fields of energy around people.
136.   I can easily imagine myself to be someone of the opposite sex.
137.   I like clear, precise borders.
138.   I have had the feeling that someone who is close to me was in danger orwas hurt, although I had no ordinary way of knowing it, and later foundout that it was true.
139.   I have a very clear and distinct sense of time.
140.   I like houses where rooms have definite walls and each room has a definitefunction.
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
141.   I have had dreams which later came true.
142.   I like fuzzy borders.
143.   I have had “out of the body” experiences during which my mind seems toor actually has, left my body.
144.   I like straight lines.
145.   I like wavy or curved lines better than I like straight lines.
146.   I feel sure that I can empathize with the very old.