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PowerWood supports neurodiverse individuals, young adult, teens, tweens, children, parents, couples and families with the aim to develop their potential and focus on achieving self-chosen aims in life.

Consultancy and Coaching sessions are offered by PowerWood through Senior Consultant Simone de Hoogh* in which she will share her knowledge and understanding about where our own and/ or our children’s behaviour stems from.  Simone will give information, tools and strategies that work and can be adapted to any specific (family) situation.  Simone will help you learn build stronger connections with yourself and others through compassion, with information and practical tips and help positively guide and direct the energy, drive and emotions associated with intensity, super-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity.  

Simone de Hoogh* aims to increase understanding, empowering clients with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to improve family or personal harmony and have the tools and strategies to connect, guide and direct their energy towards self-chosen goals.

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Transitional Times

The Consultancy and Coaching Sessions can  be a helpful tool if we are going through a transitional time e.g. divorce, loss of a loved one, life-changingg or threatening health issues, change of career, starting home-education, processing childhood experiences e.g. (sexual) abuse, difficult decisions or if we want to have support with developing parenting strategies that we have not automatically ingrained through our parents and are goal focused etc.
Sharing an intense transitional time within a relationship of mutual respect and commitment strengthens and helps us move positively forward while finding value and meaning along the journey.

For Whom

  • Parents of neurodiverse sometimes atypical, sensitive, intense, (more) able and/or hyper-reactive children, ‘tweens’ and teenagers who want to increase family harmony and want to feel confident in their parenting while being true to themselves.
  • Individuals, whatever age, who want to learn more about how their neurodiversity influences their personality and the dynamics in their relationships and how to be in charge of the energy associated with the intensity, sensitivity and hyper-reactivity and be able to use that energy to improve their own situation, and when their Baseline is up again, make the world a better place for the people, animals, nature around them.
  • Couples, who want to improve their communicating abilities, so they are contributing to a mutually supportive, appreciative, and fulfilling relationship and if parents want to model to their children a healthy enjoyable relationship.
  • Individuals who are struggling with Narrowing behaviours, behaviours normally associated with psychological disorders that make our world smaller, and who want to explore those together and through understanding, strategies and perseverance want to get in charge of the not helpful behaviours and use the energy for their personal growth.

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When I first signed up for the 3 sessions, I felt a little frivolous in spending the money. To be honest, I thought I knew quite a lot about this subject already. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I only knew an overview and had no understanding of the way the OE’s [Overexcitabilities] interact and frame your life. The cost of the sessions has been, without any doubt, the best spent money of my life to date. It has been transformational. Uncomfortable lessons sometimes, but always worthwhile. And I know without a shadow of doubt that I could not have got to this point of understanding myself and my interactions, particularly with my children, without your help. Mother of a 13 and 10 year old daughter

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Families, Parents

Would you like to gain understanding and have practical tools and strategies, adapted to your personal lifestyle choices and believe system, to communicate effectively and positively with a bright neurodiverse child or teenager that is overwhelmed by emotions or is experiencing an emotional overload or blockage?

Would you like to find out how to guide your children so they are able to develop independent skills to understand and deal constructively with their own strong feelings and needs.

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I feel that I have not really learnt how to live, just to cope, and the process I am going through with you is like an unfolding. To be perfectly frank, it is quite depressing in a way as I feel I have lost so much of my life and have given my children an unnecessary burden. But, thankfully, you are giving me so much wonderful and solid support that the realisations I have reached and changes I am making are manageable and increasingly exciting. I just have to keep processing the new information to gain the framework and then implementing the tools you are giving me.Mum of two teenager girls

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Would you like to learn more about how intensity, super-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity influence your personality and the dynamics in your relationship? Would you like to find out how you can support yourself when experiencing overwhelming emotions or feel stuck? Would you like to learn how to deal constructively with the anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, maybe even self-loathing? Or are you experiencing Narrowing Behaviours, behaviours associated with psychological disorders e.g. depression, anxiety etc. and would like to use it for your personal growth. Would you like to find out how you can use this intensity to fulfil your own personal potential and your self-chosen goals?

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Simone, Thank you so much for the recent workshops. You have completely changed my marriage! My husband and I now utterly understand each other.

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Young Ones

Would you like to find out why you react so strongly, even feel overwhelmed by so much around you compared with your peers,  that you can deeply enjoy the connection with your pet, or intensely worry about so many things, from how people will react to what you have said, if homeless people will survive in winter, if the world and humans will get extinct due to the current climate change etc. Would you like to get tools and strategies that help you to get a handle on your own reactions and feel more in charge of how you experience the world?

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Our grandson came to live with us after the death of our daughter and we felt powerless to help him. Simone de Hoogh has been such a worthwhile help. She assisted a teenager who was grieving for his mother and was unable to use his considerable intelligence to move forward in his chosen course at College. He had come to a standstill, was angry at himself and others, and was extremely depressed and frightened because he did not understand what was happening to him. He was convinced he was worthless and his whole future seemed to be crumbling before him. In fact, he was displaying suicidal tendencies and was self-harming. In an effort to help him he was sent to a specialist who stated he had ‘undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome. This was no help whatsoever. Simone has helped him turn himself around; to understand what is happening to him; to find the courage to change and face up to things and most importantly to view the future with confidence. We cannot praise Simone enough. Thank you Simone.

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*About Simone de Hoogh

Consultancy and Coaching Services are delivered by Senior Consultant Simone de Hoogh*, the founder of PowerWood.

Simone is an experienced Parenting and Educational Consultant,  Life, Coupe and Family Coach and an ‘ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education’, specialised in, High-Ability, Twice-Exceptionality, Neurodiversity, Emotional Challenges and turning around Counterproductive Behaviour and getting in charge of Narrowing Behaviours.

Simone is experienced in working with a wide range of individuals, young adult, teens, tweens, children, parents, couples and families.

Consultancy  and Coaching Sessions are by Skype or FaceTime of the phone (only in Europe) with Parents and Carers, (Young) Individuals, Teens, Tweens, Children and Couples.

Simone was in her pre-children life a Solution Focused Coach in the corporate world for (higher) management and Business Coach during transitional times facilitating group processes.

Multilevel Emotion Regulation Theory

Simone’s current expertise includes high-ability, asynchronous development, twice-exceptionality, or dual or multi-exceptionality as it’s called in England, Neurodiversity and all emotional issues and its expressions in counterproductive and narrowing behaviour in children, teenagers, parents and individuals. 

Simone de Hoogh has developed over the years working with individuals and families living with neurodiversity the Multilevel Emotion Regulation Theory (MERT).

All together she has more than twenty years experience and has been working with a huge variety of individuals, young adult, teens, tweens, children, parents, couples and families who sometimes have a diagnose or multiple diagnoses, sometimes even contradicting ones, however they are always on the right side of the bell curve of IQ.

Focus on Behaviour and Love

Simone de Hoogh is focussed on which behaviour is in the way and how to support you to help yourself, or if you are a parent and want to support your child, how to help your child, or Simone can support the child/teen directly (dependant on the age of the child and the relationship between parents and child) to direct their energy towards their own chosen goals.

You are the Expert

Simone believes that although she is a ‘professional’ individuals and parents are the experts on themselves and their children, and what is and what isn’t possible in their personal situation and that all tools and strategies are able to be adapted to personal belief systems and lifestyle choices.

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Interviews with Simone de Hoogh

Exam Stress: Listen to an interview with Simone de Hoogh around topics associated with exam stress at Soundart Radio during one programme developed in cooperation with Healthwatch in spring 2018.

February 2017 Aurora Remember’s podcast: A Safe Space to Embrace Your Inner Fire with Simone de Hoogh

PowerWood’s Community

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PowerWood can be your and your families advocate and your second family. 

Explore how joining our PowerWood community by becoming a member will benefit you and your family and what types of memberships are available.

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 You can read more about PowerWood’s Consultancy and Coaching Sessions,  the Benefits of a Free Introductory Talk and PowerWood’s Consultancy and Coaching Services Tiered Fee Structure.

*Overexcitability Test

OE (Overexcitability) is an element of a Developmental Theory –Theory of Positive Disintegration by Dabrowski- that is one of the underpinning theories of MERT (Multi-level Emotion Regulation Theory) developed by Simone de Hoogh. Overexcitability explains and allows us to look at ‘extreme’ behaviour as a valuable asset in our or our children’s life. 

Find out if you or your child has OE (OverExcitability) as well

*Boundary Test

A HUGE thank YOU to the son and daughter of Ernest Hartmann’s who gave PowerWood permission to use and put the full academically approved questionnaire about the Boundary in the Mind on PowerWood’s website.

Find out how the Boundary in the Mind affects you or your child

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