Celebrating Neurodiversity as a Community

  • Collectively celebrating Neurodiversity as a positive individual drive for personal growth and a societal force for positive change in society.
  • Being part of a supportive, understanding and compassionate community that views Neurodiversity as a valued personal asset that can bring many positives to life.

PowerWood supports neurodiverse individuals and families with non-neuro-typical and overexcitable (OE) individuals towards leading a more harmonious family life, where people are able to use the high level of energy associated with Overexcitability to fulfil their passions and dreams.

We aim for

  • Safety – Provide a safe, non-judgemental space to connect, learn and grow together.
  • Confidence – Give individuals and parents the information, tools and strategies to be able to build their energy reserve, resilience and calm, to communicate in an effective and caring manner and focus on their goals.
  • Connection – Increase access to individuals and families encountering the same challenges. Through connection we will grow compassion for ourselves and others and connect on a deeper level with ourselves and our children.

Our Core Values

  • Self-Belief – We are the experts on ourselves, our children and what is and what isn’t possible in our situation and are compassionate to ourselves and others where ever we are on our personal path. 
  • Diversity – We celebrate, cherish and embrace our Neurodiversity as a natural variation and a positive asset to our community.
  • Community – We offer each other understanding, compassion and support.
  • Authenticity – We model being true to ourselves, authentically, as far as we are aware and happily unique. 

PowerWood supports individuals and families to feel confident about their personal choices and make independent informed decisions, drawing on a wide range of theories, models and clinical experience, adapted to clients, participants or community members’ personal circumstances, belief systems, and lifestyle choices.

PowerWood’s Community

Find understanding, tools and strategies that work in an understanding, respectful and compassionate Community.
PowerWood can be your and your family’s advocate, and your second family. 

Explore how joining our PowerWood community by becoming a member will benefit you and your family and what types of memberships are available.

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Available to Members*

*Booking a one-off Free Introductory Talk of 45-60 minutes by Skype or FaceTime with Senior Consultant Simone de Hoogh is one of the benefits of being either a FreeBee PowerWood Community Member or a Friend PowerWood Community Member.

Book a FREE Introductory Talk with a Professional*

 You can read more about PowerWood’s Consultancy Sessions,  the Benefits of a Free Introductory Talk and PowerWood’s Consultancy Services Tiered Fee Structure.

*Overexcitability Test

OE (Overexcitability) is an element of a Developmental Theory – Theory of Positive Disintegration by Dabrowski – that is one of the underpinning theories of MERT (Multi-level Emotion Regulation Theory) developed by Simone de Hoogh. Overexcitability explains and allows us to look at ‘extreme’ behaviour as a valuable asset in our or our children’s life. 

Find out if you or your child has OE (OverExcitability) as well

*Boundary Test

A HUGE thank YOU to the son and daughter of Ernest Hartmann who gave PowerWood permission to use and put the full academically approved questionnaire about the Boundary in the Mind on PowerWood’s website.

Find out how the Boundary in the Mind affects you or your child