Our Aims and Values (and Policies)

Raise awareness of neurological diversity as a positive force for change in society.

PowerWood supports families with non neuro-typical and overexcitable (OE) individuals leading to more harmonious family life, where people are able to fulfil their passions and dreams.


Workshop for the children with Simone about different OEs among siblings at PowerWood Camp

For those families, we aim for

  • Safety Provide a safe, non judgemental space to connect, learn and grow together.
  • Confidence Give parents the information, tools and strategies to be able to build their energy reserve, resilience and calm to communicate in an effective and caring manner.
  • Connection Increase access to the natural world and sustainable living. Through connecting with nature, we connect on a deeper level with ourselves and our children.

 Our core values 

  • Self-Belief We the parents are the experts on ourselves, our children and our family situation. 
  • Diversity We celebrate, cherish and embrace our neurodiversity as natural variation.
  • Community We offer understanding, compassion and support.
  • Authenticity We model being true to ourselves, authentically and happily unique. 

PowerWood supports families to make independent informed decisions, drawing on a wide range of theories, models and clinical experience, adapted to clients, participants or community members personal circumstances, belief systems, and lifestyle choices.

In the summer of 2016 we have reviewed and renewed all of our policies so they reflect our aims and values.

1. Opening Statement PowerWood Project CIC Policies

2. Safeguarding Policy

3. Equality and Diversity Policy

4. Learning and Development Policy

5. Health and Safety Policy

6. Online Safety Policy

7. Behaviour Policy

8. Environmental Impact Policy