PowerWood offers you a one time Free Introductory Talk (FIT)* of 45-60 minutes by Skype or FaceTime with Senior Consultant Simone de Hoogh.

You can read more about PowerWood’s Consultancy Sessions,  the Benefits of a Free Introductory Talk and PowerWood’s Consultancy Services Tiered Fee Structure.

During this Free Introductory Talk, you will get the chance to share your concerns and experience your connection and consider if you think or feel if working with Simone de Hoogh would be a right path forward for you.

What will you talk about…

Together with Simone de Hoogh, you will explore your concerns and worries and the issues that you personally or you as a caring parent feel challenged by.

During this Free Introductory Talk Simone, of course, will ask you permission, only to the extent that you feel comfortable with, to ask some further questions to improve her understanding of your situation and to evaluate if PowerWood can be of help or if a referral to someone else, or another organisation is more appropriate. 

At the end of the Free Introductory Talk, Simone will share if she thinks she or PowerWood current services can be of help and if so, how. 

*I allow this website to collect and store submitted data. ** and *** I allow PowerWood to create and store a file with personal data about me and my family.

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