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Parent session with Simone de Hoogh organised by Potential Plus – vPlus Festival

Highly able neurodivergent children, (including twice exceptional (2e) or ‘multiple or dual exceptional’ (MDE)) may have an innate heightened intensity, sensitivity and hyper-reactivity and have not developed emotional regulation skills yet, which may sometimes lead to unhelpful behaviours. These might present as being grumpy, lashing out, overly worrying, sleep or food issues, picking fights or emotional withdrawal, children might even display characteristics associated with psychological disorders which we call narrowing behaviours. Narrowing behaviours may limit children’s freedom to develop, affect their courage to dream and ultimately impact their ability to achieve their personal, intellectual and emotional aims. 

“I am delighted to be supporting Potential Plus UK as a speaker at their fundraising vPlus Festival. 
Please check out the programme on/ and register to enjoy mine and many more exciting sessions, competitions and challenges from 16th to 23rd February. 
Hopefully see you during my session!” Simone de Hoogh

This workshop will grow your understanding of where these behaviours stem from, and will include tactics about how you can react constructively when your child is behaving in these ways. It will help you support your child to cope with uncomfortable feelings and turn around unhelpful habits.

You will receive practical tips, tools and strategies around, for example, argumentative talk, anxiety, emotional outbursts – as well as support and encouragement for you as a parent, because empowered parents are in a much better place to provide the care our exceptional children need.

About Simone de Hoogh

Simone de Hoogh is the founding director of PowerWood and is an ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education*, Parenting and Educational consultant and Life Coach with more than 20 years experience of working with highly able and neurodiverse children, teens and adults. Over the years she has developed the Multi Emotion Regulation Theory (MERT)) that helps to understand and feel compassion towards our child (and ourselves as parents) and enables us to strategically support our child to develop independent emotional regulation skills.

MERT is underpinning many simple strategies and tools we can use directly to support our children in directing positively the energy associated with neurodiversity towards self-chosen goals. You can read Simone’s blogs and contact her at

*Approved by the European Council for High Ability (ECHA)

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