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  • Am I a Rubbish Mum? – The Unexpected Value of Self-Criticism (3/14/2018) - When I finally became a mum, I thought life would become a slightly more realistic version of the Disney dream! I thought it would be very enjoyable; we would continuously feel loving towards each other, deeply enjoy being together and the birth of our first born would enlighten our lives entirely. I became the mum […]
  • Podcast Aurora Remember: A Safe Space to Embrace Your Inner Fire with Simone de Hoogh (7/6/2017) -
  • Top 3 Tips to Up your Energy and Resilience Level (4/1/2016) - Simone de Hoogh‘s Blog In PowerWood we always talk about our baseline. What do we mean by that? With ‘Baseline’ we mean our general energy level and the strength of our resilience. How strong our will-power is. Are we able to recharge on a regular basis? Do we take good care of ourselves? Emotional OE […]
  • Screen time… (12/18/2015) - One of the most difficult things nowadays is to decide how much screen time you allow your children. Besides being true to your own norms and values you also want to be able to make an informed decision about your children’s use, as it might affect their development and health. There is not yet research […]
  • ‘Weird’ people 💛 (11/29/2015) - Listening to the young people…. I’m so proud to present this PowerWood Podcast that the children, tweens and teens made during PowerWood Camp by interviewing each other:)! Thank you Lucinda Guy of SoundArt Radio for offering this inspiring workshop at PowerWood Camp, the children loved making it, and we loved the results! As a group […]
  • 🎪 PowerWood Camp 🎪 (8/4/2015) - Week Long Fun & Informative Family Camp Saterday 15th – Saturday 22nd of August North Devon “It was brilliant. I loved everything.” Rowan (age 9) PowerWood Camp is a charitable PowerWood Community Event, organised and run entirely by volunteers. We aim to make Powerwood events accessible to people from all walks of life. Fees are […]
  • A pool of blood or … red balloons? How to show your imagination who’s in charge (5/27/2015) - At PowerWood Camp late one night a mum with her young daughter came to see me around the communal fire. Mum felt quite desperate. Her daughter (7yrs) couldn’t sleep because every time she closed her eyes she would see her mum in the middle of a big pool of blood. The little girl  was completely […]
  • Happy Belated Mothers Day (3/16/2015) - Thank you fabulous ladies for joining the PowerWood workshops in London last weekend and to all the other mums and dads I have worked with in the last few years. It was such a joy to meet with you. It’s always lovely to meet with parents who care so deeply about their children and make […]
  • Social Volunteer Day Crediton (2/4/2015) - Monday was the first of our experimental gatherings: a Social Volunteer Day in Crediton. Once the children were settled, one on the lap of her mum, others making dough in the kitchen with Noah and Jorman setting up a lan connection to play MineCraft together, we made tea and introduced ourselves. What the mums participating […]
  • Christmas …. (10/6/2014) - I remember each year when our daughter was young, the so carefully crafted balance in our family always started to go pear shaped around November. As soon as the Christmas displays started to appear in the shops, it would have a huge impact on the emotional wellbeing of our daughter. When really young she stopped […]