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Hi Simone,

… I wanted to let you know something. Remember you helped us with strategies to help with our eldest daughter? She has been achieving amazing things all by herself. She’s 19 now and despite so many life challenges, particularly with mental health, has just won a full scholarship to Cambridge University, starting in September. She did it all by herself. (Read further below the quote.)

“… we don’t have to conform to the accepted view and our sensitivities are our superpowers.”


I do believe that you changed the way we think as a family – that it’s ok to be different, we don’t have to conform to the accepted view and our sensitivities are our superpowers. At every meeting I go to with accepted ‘professionals’ I try to engage them with the Dabrowski theories and direct them to Powerwood in the hope that it will trickle through somewhere!

So I just wanted to say thank you as you have certainly contributed to our eldest daughter being able to focus on her path.


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