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Different Parenting Styles an Issue?

It is a common belief that parents have to be on the same page about parenting, to make it work. […]

My Secret Powers – Tribute to my ‘Oma’ (=Gran in Dutch)-

Standing Out as a Pre-Teen When I was 11 years old I was already over 1.80m (5.9f), and my very […]

Supporting Children through Transitions – Tips, Tools & Strategies

Simone’s First Vlog It is quite a common issue for our children and also for us to struggle with transitions. […]


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PowerWood YEAH! Shortlisted!!!

Update 11-02-2019 Kirsty and Abigail have represented all of us Active Contributors at PowerWood in such a lovely fashion at The Above and […]

I can say to my daughter that other people feel like this…

When I first read about PowerWood I thought it was interesting because my kids are really quite sensitive. They will […]

“She was really wound up, deeply depressed, withdrawn, not talking to anyone”

‘Airy fairy’ When my daughter Lisa* started at a preschool group, the staff noticed that she was a bit ‘airy […]


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I felt so much calmer tonight and had a wonderful ‘Son and Mom' date as we watched a film together. He was so affectionate and back to his charming self. Proof that I need to always approach him with a sense of calm and love. Thank you again for everything you've done!


Mum of a 5 and 2 year old

It's always good to hear Simone's workshops - even after all this time - because it sinks in deeper and deeper, new angles, perspectives, answers to specific practical situations. We always come away with resolve, strategies and practical tools. And I love the ease of community feel that seems to grow ever richer all the time too!


Of 2 young boys

Simone - thank you so much for all the information and for your amazing support. Today my daughter had a huge meltdown and for the first time ever I approached it feeling able to be truly calm. I used the 4,7,8 and I reflected back to her how hard she was finding it from a place of genuine concern rather than personal discomfort/ anguish. I feel like a different person! So - THANK YOU.


Mum of a 4 and 1.5 year old

The workshop 'Connecting Positively with your intense, sensitive and hyper-reactive children and/or teenagers' in London brought me greater understanding of how different people experience life and how stress cycles and responses work. I have learned techniques and got practical help for specific problems.


of 4 children

As I often do after one of our sessions, I feel as though a weight has been lifted and I can relax into just being and enjoying my family - or even not enjoying them at moments(!) without any added judgements and fears acting as a prison warden threatening me to be on the alert for failings and risks. How wonderful life could be if I never had to go through this. It is the emotional equivalent of a cocaine habit. Anyway, I am one tiny step nearer perhaps and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the wisdom and perception to see what was going on for me when I couldn’t.


Mum of two teens

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