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Make your own Festive garland to hang on a Christmas tree, around a room or to decorate some furniture 😊

The tutorial below gives some suggestions for things you could make and add to a festive garland, but you could choose to mix and match by making one or two of the examples or come up with other ideas to add to your garland entirely.

I was inspired to play with a more simple and traditional colour theme this year, so chose red and white as the main colours, complemented by some pink and neutral tones (for example, in the twine and the paper that I used for the bunting). You can choose any colours you like – and by choosing two or three key colours, you will give your garland a striking look.

I also made mine mostly miniature! With mini-pom-poms, and little hand-made FIMO beads, and mini-bunting flags. But do feel free to make any size you like!

The felt shapes that I’ve chosen to make are quite simple. Children often enjoy working with felt as it is very easy to manipulate, and you could play around with other shapes/ideas – like little Christmas jumpers, snowmen,or Christmas trees. I’ve used a no-sew approach but feel free to sew some shapes if you like! Either way, they don’t have to be perfect – they will look lovely with all the other items and contribute to the overall effect.

More than anything, I’ve made this simple garland, because I had these materials already and they are all things that are very handy and that we use over and over for crafting, both at home and in groups. Also, each of the ideas could be a stand-alone activity if you wanted and are all things that can work at different levels of experience. You might even like to give your finished garland as a beautiful hand-made gift!? 

I’ve given a little more detail on the supplies I used in this blog post – for any last-minute crafty Christmas ideas.

Wishing you all plenty of calm and cosy Christmas moments and lots of…

Happy Crafting 😊

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