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Create your own adventures in these little books small enough to fit in your pocket if you want to!

Choose your own theme – it could be a favourite story, or a favourite season. It could be a book of flowers, or a book of dinosaurs… whatever your interest!

I have chosen a fairy theme, partly inspired by our beautiful How to Find Flower Fairies book and because we love fairies, but also because June is the month of the summer solstice, Midsummer’s day and International Fairy day – which also falls on Midsummer’s day (24th June). In my imagination, the summer and fairies just go together! 😊

If you do choose a fairy theme for these little books as I have, you could incorporate them into another summer craft such as a fairy garden, a little fairy corner in your house somewhere complete with a little fairy library, making fairy nests in the park, or a fairy-themed shadow puppet theatre!? If you are exploring summery fairy crafts – you might also like to explore this mushroom craft using air-dry clay, or you could adapt this bunny’s tea party craft, to make a fairy high-tea!  You could also use your little books to collect and document some pressed flowers perhaps, and there are lots of other fairy craft ideas in this blog post

These little books can be any size you like, but making them miniature turns them into a lovely keepsake and a creates a fun challenge to come up with a story, adventure – either one that you make up or a re-telling of a favourite story or fairy tale – or maybe some poems that will fit inside… You can make the corners look special by using a gold paint pen, and if you’re feeling up to a trickier challenge you could try this corner frame craft in miniature!  You could also decorate the inside pages with fun stickers, or little things you’ve collected or ideas or memories you would like to keep – it’s up to you and feel free to let your imagination inspire you! 😊

Whatever you choose, wishing you plenty of gentle summery days and…

Happy Crafting! 

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