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This simple Christmas decoration tutorial is intended to be relaxing, fun and easily do-able with only a few resources and a little time… making patterns on a page can be very open-ended and a lovely to play with colour in an easeful way, whilst the constructing of the decoration itself is quite simple, but also fun to use the paper fasteners and the surprise of unfolding to make a 3-dimensional shape.

I learned the technique of using oil to make paper transparent last year from a friend and it gives a lovely effect for this craft – it will make your paper ball-balls glow if you pop them near a (safe!) source of light, like fairy lights on a tree…

You can experiment with different sizes – and use your decorations either for a tree (smaller ones might look better for this), or placed as wall display with larger ones in the mix and a string of fairy lights to light them up.

Feel free to choose your own colours, you might choose to make them traditionally festive, or a colour-scheme/theme using only a few colours, or rainbowy like the ones below… maybe you can choose your favourite colours and keep your decorations up throughout the year!?

Whatever you choose, wishing you a lovely festive season and plenty of moments…

Happy Crafting 

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