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These two simple spring crafts are Easter-inspired with lots of egg-hunting fun in mind! They can be made with very simple materials and are easy and inexpensive to find, either in your cupboards at home already, or the craft shop… you could upcycle certain elements – like cutting off small flower-heads from plastic flowers you might have around the home, and use ribbons (or a fabric belt?) from garments no longer in use.

You could choose to do only one of the activities, or both as they stand alone and also work together, and would be perfect for a dressing up over Easter, or using for an Easter egg hunt 😊.

If you’re not out egg-hunting, you could use the basket idea as a decorative centre-piece and store beautiful hand-painted eggs in it, and why not host a bunny’s tea party whilst wearing your very own bunny ears that you have made!? These ears are super cute for little ones, but I have to confess, I’m envious and will probably be wearing some too for our Easter festivities this year! These homemade ‘bunny-bands’ would also make lovely keepsakes or family gifts that can be stored with your Easter decorations, to be played with and enjoyed over and over as the years go by.

Wishing you plenty of bright spring days in the weeks ahead and of course lots of…

Happy Crafting! 😊

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