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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Bluey Blog! After what seems like a long while, we are back with more tales of the unfathomable antics of our cat. Hope you enjoy it.

The King of the Castle

Bluey, perhaps like many cats, is a creature of habit: he eats from the same bowl, patrols the same areas, drinks the same water, annoys the same neighbours (and their cats), everyday. It’s not that he is so set in his ways that he couldn’t break out of them if he wanted to – it’s that he really can’t be bothered to think about doing so (also might not be capable of it but he’d prefer if we made him seem smarter). That is, until recently. As of late, he seems to have become bored, tired, fed up, if you will, of his same old sleeping spots. This would have been a tragedy, truly, if he had not managed to somehow develop a level of creativity before unseen in him (or just another level of laziness). With his sheer mental prowess and logical reasoning skills, he mustered the ingenious strategy of locating the most comfortable bit of floor, and simply sitting down. Patiently, pensively waiting for someone to approach, be it to shoo him out of their way, or to stroke him. Nowhere is safe – under a table, on a bed, the carpet, a sofa, a pillow, even on a table – his reach within the house is unparalleled, peerless in all the realms of exploration. This expansion in his dictionary of favourite spots is perhaps a reflection of his ever-observable pioneering, problem-overcoming spirit, evidenced many times in the past such as his strategic decision of claiming every item of freshly washed clothing in the house as his, or the tactical masterclass of pretending to be a human by sitting on a chair around the dinner table and asking for food.

Nothing To See Here But Us Humans 

Similarly to the prior tale, Bluey has within the past few months adopted another behaviour regarding sitting. Specifically, on sofas. When a cat sits on a sofa, one would expect for it to perhaps sit at its highest point or find the point on the sofa nearest to the nearest person. Bluey, unique as he is, takes this to the next level. Rather than sitting next to or on the nearest human on the sofa, he has begun to sit as if he were one. Civilised, graceful, and sensible, he sits or lies down on a pillow or cushion on the sofa, almost strikingly similarly to the way a person does so. In addition to his traditional perch atop the very summit of the sofa, he now, perhaps mimicking the humans he so wishes to be one of, perches elegantly, and in doing so takes up almost as much space on a given sofa as a person would. For a family with more seats on the sofas they possess than individuals in the family, this might not pose much of an issue. However, we have what is effectively the same number of seats available across our sofas as there are people in the family, so when Bluey decides to occupy one of these, one of us is in turn displaced, lest we prepare ourselves to evoke his wrath. As you can probably imagine, this becomes the source of many arguments as to who should have to find another seat, not just between us, but between us and Bluey as well. All in good spirit of course.

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