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Hi all and once again welcome to the Bluey Blog! This issue, like its predecessors, will explore Bluey’s antics, quirks, and overall Bluey-ness. We hope you enjoy it!

A True Conqueror 

Bluey, as previously established many times, fancies himself to be many things that in reality, he isn’t. As such, dreams, or rather delusions, of exploration and conquest are no stranger to Bluey. However, his options to pursue either of these goals are limited. He lives a very home-centric life, rarely venturing more than a few metres away from said home. Due to this, he grasps all and any opportunities that he is presented with at home with both hands, or rather, paws. Luckily for him, as of recently, such changes as he desires have been more frequent than previously. For example, a short time ago, the decision to make use of unused space was made, and an eaves cupboard was built into the wall on the top floor of our house. It is a short, fairly narrow tunnel designed for storage of small objects and other such items, just over a foot or so in both dimensions with a door at two ends, such that if one was small enough and both doors were open, one could travel through the cupboard and emerge from the over side. Notice in this description of its uses the glaring omission of the word “cats”. But, in true explorative style, Bluey did not let such a trivial matter deter him from his conquest. Within but days of the cupboard door having been left open, Bluey had developed a strange kind of territorial attachment to it. So strong was the pride he felt about having discovered and conquered this exotic new land that every morning, when he is allowed back onto the top floor, he first heads straight for the eaves cupboard doors on each side to check whether they are open or closed, and whether he can once again commence another day of occasionally wandering through the cupboard. Another example of Bluey’s explorative tendencies is that in the process of setting up a new work area, again, on the top floor, a new desk was set up. And no sooner as said desk had been positioned against the wall had Bluey promptly led down and taken a nap in the corner of the area beneath the desk. He continued in this pattern, and now regularly sleeps in this corner throughout the day.

TV Territorialism

On a similar note to the prior story, this one, too, concerns Bluey’s conquered lands. More specifically, Bluey’s driving needs to protect these lands from any intruders. As some who have read previous issues of The Bluey Blog will know, Bluey has had a number of notable interactions with the TV in the past. This time, however, the tale being told is not Bluey’s direct interactions with the TV, but how he interacts with us when we are watching it. We have two sofas in our living room. Both with a clear view of the TV, meaning that when all of us are watching it together, half of us will sit on one sofa, and the other half on the other. Each sofa has the capacity for two people, and the system usually works well. The exception being when five of us are wishing to occupy the space. Yes, as many readers may know by now, Bluey considers himself to be a human, meaning that when Bluey is sat on top of a sofa (not on the cushion, but on the part above the headrest, so literally sat on the sofa), he decrees that his precious territory on said sofa must be protected. Because of this, it has become not uncommon for one to feel a, gradual increasing in the wagging of his tail, leading to (if one is really unlucky) a keen slash around the back of the head from Bluey’s claws, should your head come too close to them when sitting on a sofa. This has led to certain family members feeling so nervous with Bluey behind them that they have been unable to relax, and have had to displace others or themselves onto dining room chairs, potentially causing great annoyance. Bluey seems to be succeeding at being the boss of what he at least, considers to be his own lands! 

Despite his conquering and territorial ways, these pictures are evidence of how soppy Bluey is really…

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