By Rohan (12) and Dalia (9)

We have returned! After being non-existent for a brief period of time, we are back with more tales for the Adventures of Bluey Blog. Today we have 2 more stories of the at this point ridiculously frequent antics of our strange, yet beloved cat.

“I’m a human, what do you mean I’m a cat?”

Most of you, dear readers, have probably formulated an idea what this story is going to be about by reading the title alone, and you would be correct. Bluey enjoys being included in the family and cannot stand to be left out of any sort of board game (those of you who have read previous editions of the Bluey Blog will know of this), TV watching, and now apparently, dinner. Bluey has always satisfied his thirst to be included in the latter by sitting at the bottom of our table, and beneath our chairs whilst we eat, but recently he has decided that the world is changing, and so should he – this leads us on to our tale. A few nights ago, we were peacefully enjoying a well-cooked meal, when Bluey decides that he wants some as well, so tries to jump onto the table, but fails, and settles for standing on two legs, with his other two paws on the rim of our table, and his head looking towards our plates of food; he has made quite a habit of this recently, but that is not the subject of our story. I decided to get myself a drink, from our kitchen, and this is perfectly ordinary, as are most things that happen, but when I return to the dining room, guess who was seated in my chair? Yup, you got it, Bluey. Certain members of my family often call me Bluey, and call Bluey by my name (totally accidentally, I’m told), but this was just ridiculous, I had been replaced by a cat. It remained this way for the rest of our meal.

This story may have sounded slightly accusatory toward Bluey, but I assure you, we all found this incident very amusing, and are in no way criticising Bluey for his actions, however strange they are.

Frenemies? Enemefriends? Friendular-Enemies? Who Knows…?

Bluey has many friends, dear reader, and I’m sure you count yourself among those ranks, but Bluey also possesses a number of enemies, mostly consisting of other cats, various birds, and our next-door neighbour and garden. This is a tale of one of Bluey’s feline rivals (or friends… *strokes beard thoughtfully*). We have known of this cat for a long time, but before now it has never really gone near us or Bluey, but recently, it has been a touch more… aggressive. We call this cat ‘the black and white cat’, due to the colouration of its fur. A few weeks ago, we noticed the black and white cat hanging around our garden “Nothing big,” We said, “Happens all the time,” We said (this is true, cats often seek out our garden for currently unknown and hopefully not at all nefarious purposes) but, we were wrong. The next few days, we notice this cat in our garden more frequently. Shortly later, we received a wildlife camera from our grandparents (this had nothing to do with the cat, as said grandparents were oblivious to the existence of said cat) as a gift. We reviewed the footage captured by our new camera and noticed that the black and white cat was frequently hanging around our garden at night as well, and even sitting on Bluey’s favourite chair. This was becoming somewhat irritable, and Bluey was quite stressed about this unwanted company. We created many theories as to why the cat was so interested in our garden, one such theory being maybe it was trying to move in with us, maybe it was actually a friend. Our suspicions were raised even further recently, as we saw the black and white cat and Bluey hanging around together, and even bumping noses at one point. Whether this was a show of feline friendship, or a territorial display of intimidation, we will never know. The mystery of the black and white cat still stands to this day. But seeing as it only recently started, still being around today is not that much of an achievement.

We hoped that you have enjoyed this episode of the Bluey Blog, and we are glad that you have spared your precious time reading our blog. We hope to see you again next time.

Here is a picture of Bluey caught in the act of sitting in my chair at dinner in the incident described above – he is doing his best to look totally innocent and as if he is simply in his rightful place at the family dinner table!

© By Rohan (12) and Dalia (9) 2021

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