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Hello, readers! It’s been a while, but the Bluey Blog returns once more! We’re back with another two stories for you, and we very much hope that you enjoy them. 

If I fits, I sits. In fact, I’ll probably just sit anyway.

Bluey is a cat who, much like many other cats and most humans, enjoys his comforts. For him, these include: lying down, climbing down (walls), jumping down (from walls) and perhaps most importantly, sitting down. Bluey makes sure to take pride in his “If I fits, I sits,” mentality, mostly by making sure that he can fit. Sometimes this is hard, and Bluey takes on a challenge, and other times, this is not hard, and Bluey takes on a nice, comfortable nap. Fortunately for him, the majority of occasions warrant the second option. A notable time in which this is the case would be anytime in which Bluey catches sight of some unoccupied new, clean, clothes. Bluey loves to sit on all clothes, regardless of whether they are clean or dirty, even having been known to have fallen asleep in the dirty laundry basket, but the clothes that Bluey loves to sit on the most are new clothes. Upon seeing a new and unfamiliar item of clothing that has been left out on a surface such as a bed or a sofa, Bluey makes the selfish (and very catlike) assumption that it must in fact be a new blanket for him to sit on. We theorise that his thought process at these times might sound something like this: “Wow what a cool new blanket. It would be really cool to go and sit on it I think.” A recent example of this would be the recent occasion in which a nice, new set of clothes was brought home after a long, hard day’s shopping, and left out on a bed to be changed into later. Bluey, however, beat us to it. By the time the nice, new clothes were needed, Bluey had already found a nice, new blanket and had promptly fallen asleep. This also rendered the fresh, unworn clothes as no longer fresh, covered with a light coating of cat fur, and slightly smelly.

Bluey with a knowing “nothing to see here” look on his face, having been caught sleeping on my sisters’ new holiday clothes…  

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

Bluey, for a cat, has a very large imagination. He has, in the past, imagined that he is a mighty hunting cat, or a human. One of Bluey’s favourite fantasies is that he is a mighty black panther, roaming the mighty jungle in search of his prey, and prowling through the trees. For obvious reasons, however, this has never been at all plausible for any of us, mostly due to the unfortunate fact that the mighty jungle he pretends to be roaming is, in fact, the back garden. As of late, however, the fact that he is only in the back garden has become somewhat insignificant, seeing as the back garden might as well have been a jungle, thanks to its prodigious level of overgrown-ness. With wildflowers and giant daisies that towered far above Bluey in terms of size, Bluey’s fantasies become slightly more believable. As a result of not mowing the back garden for a considerably long time, it rapidly became overgrown, but equally became a haven and personal jungle for Bluey, who made the most of this opportunity to lie down in the undergrowth, daisies, and other plants and be effectively blocked from view of any spectators at all angles by a wall of plants, like a true black panther in the jungle.

Bluey’s jungle was actually cut down today as my dad said it was time to tidy the garden. Bluey looked most bewildered at first, and maybe a little sad. But my dad found him sleeping on the pile of cut down plants so he quickly found a new use for them and reclaimed them as his own! We also saw him sniffing around the whole garden, and looking in all the new spaces he hadn’t seen for a while – maybe he is still having adventures in the garden after all!?  

Bluey in his jungle in the early days this spring before it got really big! 

And that’s all for this episode of the Bluey Blog! We hope you enjoyed reading it, and we’ll see you again soon.

© 2022 Rohan (13) and Dalia (10)

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