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Hello again! We are once more here to bring you tales of Bluey and his adventures and we hope that you once more enjoy reading them!

A Born Athlete

I’m sure that everyone has at one point in their life seen a video of a cat jumping of a fridge or leaping over toilet rolls or sprinting up and down a flight of stairs or otherwise pursuing some kind of other athletic activity. It’s hard not to have seen one of these videos. It’s even harder to not have laughed at one of these videos and thought to oneself “wow I wish my cat could do that!” (If you own a cat that is). Perfectly normal, right? And even more normal to assume that your pet cat must be able to do something similarly entertaining, being the silly creature that it is. In most cases this statement would likely be correct. But not Bluey.

Bluey is an incredibly dextrous, agile, and nimble cat, as evidenced by his wall scaling habits, so making the presumption that he should be able to do something as simple as jump over a cardboard box would be a given, right? Well, think again. We put this hypothesis to the test by placing a fairly large cardboard box, about a foot and a half long and half as high in front of him when he was sitting in the entry hallway to our house, which is narrow enough that he couldn’t go around the side of the box, and waited to see if he would elegantly leap over it. And then we waited to see if he would jump over it at all. And we waited. And waited.

And waited. After about five minutes he began to show signs of having realised that his path was blocked. He began to try and squeeze his way through the narrow crack between the edge of the box and the large purple basket/cot which was parallel to the box and was effectively serving as a wall, making the space narrower. When he realised that his efforts were in vain, he changed his strategy by trying to squeeze through the space between the other side of the box and the other wall, and also failing to do so. After another couple of minutes of repeating these strategies a few times and failing with every attempt, the realisation finally dawned on him that he would have to jump over the box in order to proceed on his path. Upon realising this, he promptly sat back down again for another minute or so. Only when we began to call his name from the other side of the box did he muster the courage to jump over it. In one elegant (and very funny) leap, he finally cleared the obstacle that had been stuck in his path for so long. We all cheered when he finally jumped! This would not, however, be the end of his troubles. The left-over momentum from his powerful jump left him with no choice but to keep running, as he just couldn’t stop, and so he ended up sprinting straight outside into the garden, and looking like he was wondering what had just happened! 

A Feline Film

Bluey, as you may already know, likes to enjoy his hobby of thinking that he is a human. He has proven to us countless times in the past that he hates being left out of a family activity or any similar event, and that he will attempt to join in with anything that we do in the house. For example, he comes and sits at/underneath the table at mealtimes, and always enjoys watching films with us on the sofas. A recent case of the latter would be when we found a certain documentary about cats and decided to watch it together as a family. The aforementioned documentary focused on how the mind of a cat works, what emotions they feel, how they think, if they love their owners, if they know their own name and similar things. It was very interesting and enjoyable to watch, and we learnt a lot about cats from it.

However, it would seem that the one who was most interested in it was not any human member of the family, but Bluey. He was lead on top of one of the sofas, eyes open wide and focused entirely on the TV screen. Unmoving and fully focused directly at the TV. The sight of so many different cats jumping around and walking and being stroked and meowing had captivated him potentially even more than any of us. We’re just not sure whether he was captivated in a good way, learning about his own kind, or just incredibly frightened.

Bluey intently watching the cat documentary with his eyes glued to the TV!

And that brings this episode of the Bluey Blog to conclusion! We hope that you enjoyed reading it and will continue to read about Bluey in the future! 

© 2022 Rohan (13) and Dalia (10)

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