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Hello there. As you may have realised by now, you are reading the Bluey blog, for those of you who have not noticed: you are reading the Bluey blog. Congratulations. 

Friend or Foe?

Bluey is a cat, and as such he is naturally a solitary being, as are the rest of his kind (save lions, they live in a pride, or some cheetahs who occasionally opt to hunt in the more effective formation of a trio, whilst operating like this, a cheetah trio can easily bring down an ostrich, and because of this, the population of the wild ostrich in the southern and eastern ranges of Africa, south of the Sahara is decreasing) and like the rest of his kind, Bluey is not comfortable with sharing territory with other cats. Apparently, this view is not shared by all the cats in the neighbourhood (contradiction of biological instincts and tendencies alert), and if you think back far enough in your memory, you may or may not be aware that one of our many stories, in one of our many issues detailed the existence of a certain cat who liked to spend time in our garden. This cat has taken to a new hobby of following Bluey around and chirping at him; seemingly trying to befriend him. Bluey is not sure what to make of this. The cat first began sitting on Bluey’s cushion in the garden, and this resulted in many stand-offs between the cat and Bluey, which somehow ended up with the other cat attempting to befriend Bluey. A strange development. 

The Cat, the Guinea Pig, and the Cage 

The next story is a very old one indeed, dating back to a time beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, the early summer of 2015 (many still believe in such a fantastical time to be a non-existent rumour meant to scare children). If you recall, in the 11th line of the introduction of the first Bluey Blog ever, I mention another pet that lives in our house – our guinea pig Snuffles. We came into possession of Snuffles in the dreaded summer of 2015. Back in the day, Snuffles was tiny – absolutely tiny, tiny enough for Bluey to view him as something that he could successfully hunt. Bluey was wrong. One fateful day, Bluey entered the room in which Snuffles’ cage was being kept in, he then proceeded to jump up onto the table on which the cage was on, he then began to stalk Snuffles up and down along his cage, eventually taking a swipe at him. Fortunately, due to a combination of Bluey’s miserable hunting ability, and the fact that he was not, in fact, inside the cage, Bluey stood about as much of a chance of successfully hunting Snuffles as England do of winning the Euros – very little. As such, he failed, and in retaliation, snuffles poked his head through the bars of his cage, and bit Bluey on the nose, frightening him off. To this day, Bluey is still scared of Snuffles, and they maintain a fragile truce…

The End. For now…

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