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Here we are again. You behind a computer screen reading this and me behind a different computer screen writing it. Which is strange because unless you have acquired a time machine and brought The Bluey Blog  with you on a computer back in time with you, it’s technically impossible that we are doing those two actions at the same time. But even this solution poses an issue, would the computer retain the data from the future, or would it revert to an earlier state, or would you have two copies of it? Anyway, here’s the Bluey Blog.

Attention Withdrawal Symptoms

Bluey likes attention. Bluey does not like being ignored. Bluey, like many cats, only tolerates being ignored when he’s asleep. Now imagine a scenario in which we, the family, for whatever reason, have to leave the house for an extended period of time. For example, we go camping for even one night and when we return, Bluey is always waiting right by the door, attracted by the sound of the lock turning. He will then proceed to not leave us alone for the next day. Now if we take a look at this on a larger scale, let’s say for a second that we go on holiday somewhere for as little as a week, and get someone in to check on the pets every day, this will still not satisfy Bluey. He will then proceed to not leave us alone for the next several days once we return. Now imagine this on an even bigger scale – we go on holiday for two weeks, we get someone to come in everyday and check on the animals, or we even send them to pet holiday home sort of organisations. Guess what happens for the next week or so – yup. You got it. Constant meowing, constant stroking and constant playing is the only thing that will satisfy Bluey after being away from us for any duration of time.

Here is a picture taken by my sister, Dahlia. It is a bit blurry but a good example of what Bluey is like when he runs to the door to meet us when we get back. 

Maybe I Am … A…Guinea Pig

Bluey very regularly pretends that he is a different species – that is – a human, however, it would seem that the human is not his only disguise, because Bluey is now also a guinea pig. A while ago, we purchased a rabbit hutch, but seeing as we didn’t own any rabbits, we let our guinea pig (at the time guinea pigs) use it. When it was warm in the summer, we would let them go in it in the garden. It would seem, however, that Bluey saw this and got jealous, thinking “Why can’t I go in such a lovely hutch?” He then decided “Those humans aren’t the boss of me!” and then “Ha! Fools! You’ve been outsmarted! I’ll just wait for it to be empty and go in it myself!” And so, he did, when the guinea pigs weren’t in it, and the door was left open, he’d climb in, and lie down in there. Maybe it was because the wooden roof provided some shade from the Sun, maybe he really did just want to be a Guinea Pig. Maybe we’ll never know. But to this day, when the days get hot, and the ground gets uncomfortable, he’ll climb in the Guinea pig hutch and sleep.

The End.

We don’t have a picture of Bluey in the guinea pig hutch at the moment but this is a bit what he looks like when he peeps out at us from inside… he is very cute!

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