By Rohan (12) and Dalia (9)

Hi there! We have returned, for more of the Bluey Blog! We are here to bequeath unto you more tales of the amazing (ly cute) Bluey!

Seeing Martians, an Instructional Guide

Bluey is normally a very ‘Cool Cat’ (I believe that is the term) but every once in a while, he has a little bit of a funny 5 minutes, as we like to call it (though in reality it’s more like ten). He will be all calm, and somewhat lazy, until suddenly, he will get up, meow, and start jumping around as if he were on hot coals! He chases about all over the place, and often does a funny sideways jumping and his tail goes all fluffy. He looks quite wild and very funny! Another name we have for this is ‘seeing Martians’. When he has his funny five minutes my mother always says “Bluey is seeing martians again” as it looks like he can see things that we can’t see!  It is a very strange phenomenon which seems to only occur in the mind of Bluey. He is a strange cat for sure, but nevertheless, he is still extremely cute. 

Where is the fooood hooman?

Even though Bluey is a well-fed cat, he does make it difficult to feed him. Sometimes, whilst we are pouring his food, he sticks his head in the way – as if to say, “right in the mouth please”. But, when he is feeling particularly like a ‘normal’ cat, he just looks at us confusedly, then back at the bowl of food like he is asking ‘You call this food?’ When he does this, he normally wants fish or wet food – because he doesn’t get those often. Sometimes my dad puts left-over chicken in his bowl, but Bluey never eats it. Then, the next day, he is back as if to say, ‘Can I have the chicken now?’ When he is really hungry he runs back and forth between the kitchen and his bowl doing a combination of purring and meowing trying to ask us to feed him. And then when we look at his bowl it is still half full! My dad said that if Bluey’s bowl is not at least 50% full at all times he basically thinks it is empty!  He seems to be quite fussy but somehow all his food always gets eaten!! 

We hope you have enjoyed this installment of the Adventures of Bluey Blog. In one of the pictures this month you can see how Bluey likes to be everywhere we are and even join in with online meetings when we are trying to work – there will be more news on that next time! 

Here is Bluey looking really innocent in my sister’s duvet when he snuck onto it before the bed got made! 

© By Rohan (12) and Dalia (9) 2020

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