OE Questionnaire*

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Directions: Please rate how much each statement fits you (or the person you are filling the form in for). Respond on the basis of what you are like now, not how you would like to be or how you think you should be. Click the button under the statement that most accurately reflects the way you see yourself.  If you are filling this form in for someone else please enter their information under ‘Personal info’ (except maybe for the email address!)

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 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
1.   I like to daydream
2.   I am a competitive person
3.   The varieties of sound and colour are delightful
4.   My pretend world is very real to me
5.   I am an independent thinker
6.   I feel other people’s feelings
7.   If an activity is physically exhausting, I find it satisfying
8.   Viewing art is a totally absorbing experience
9.   I worry a lot
10.   I love to be in motion
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
11.   It makes me sad to see a lonely person in a group
12.   I can take difficult concepts and translate them into something more understandable
13.   I get great joy from the artwork from others
14.   When I get bored, I begin to daydream
15.   When I have a lot of energy, I want to do something really physical
16.   I question everything-how things work, what things mean, why things are the way they are
17.   I can be so happy that I want to laugh and to cry at the same time
18.   I am more energetic than most people my age
19.   I can form a new concept by putting together a number of different things
20.   Sometimes I pretend I am someone else
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
21.   The longer I have to sit still, the more restless I get
22.   Things that I picture in my mind are so vivid that they seem real to me
23.   I observe and analyse everything
24.   I find myself mixing truth and fantasy in my mind
25.   Theories get my mind going
26.   I have strong feelings of joy, anger, excitement, and despair
27.   I feel music throughout my whole body
28.   I enjoy exaggerating reality
29.   I feel like my body is constantly in motion
30.   I love to solve problems and develop new concepts
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
31.   I am deeply concerned about others
32.   I delight in colours, shapes, and textures of things more then other people do
33.   I believe that dolls, stuffed animals, or the characters in books are alive and have feelings
34.   Words and sounds create unusual images in my mind
35.   My strong emotions move me to tears
36.   I like to dig beneath the surface of issues
37.   I am moved by beauty in nature
38.   I am not sensitive to the colour, shape, and texture of things like some people are
39.   When I am nervous, I need to do something physical
40.   I try to analyse my thoughts and actions
 Not at All Like MeNot Much Like MeSome What Like MeA Lot Like MeVery Much Like Me
41.   I can feel a mixture of different emotions all at once
42.   I am the type of person who has to be active- walking, cleaning, organising, doing something
43.   I like to play with ideas and try to think about how to put them to use
44.   I am an unemotional person
45.   I enjoy the sensations of colours, shapes, designs
46.   The difference in aromas is interesting
47.   I have a talent for fantasy
48.   I love to listen to the sounds of nature
49.   I take everything to heart
50.   I thrive on intense physical activity, e.g. fast games and sports

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*This online assessment is neither a comprehensive assessment nor a diagnostic tool. It merely provides directional information to serve as a starting point for helping your child.