From Isolation to Community

Many of us have felt isolated, inadequate, blamed or judged, for our own and/or our child’s behaviour.

We have been told that if we were more strict, or more lenient (can be very  different), the current issues with ourselves and/or our children would be non-existent.

Enriching Community

PowerWood advocates for and supports intense, sensitive, hyper-reactive more-able individuals, young adult, teens, tweens, children, parents, couples and families with research-driven theories, practical tips, tools and strategies to improve family harmony with the focus is on compassionately and creatively supporting children and (young) individuals adapting any behaviour that keeps them from following their dreams and achieving their personal aims.

PowerWood is an enriching community that provides its members with a respectful, compassionate, supportive, enjoyable and safe environment to share their experiences and learn to trust their instincts.

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