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Welcome to PowerWood website’s creative corner offered to you by Abigail Cole and the first in a series of posts is giving you helpful information about material and simple creative ideas that the family can either do together or that children can attempt on their own.

To kick-start this, my daughter and I thought we could begin with a short tutorial on how to make a dragon using polymer clay , using her design, and introduce this easy-to-use material in the process…

Introduction to Polymer Clay will give you helpful information about polymer clay e.g. the different qualities, where to get it, how to use it etc.

The story

After making a tiny model of the character ‘Toothless’ for her brother, my daughter set about designing her own dragons, which she then made for a school friend. She was soon taking orders, from all her classmates, and coming home to make a great number of these little creatures for her friends. Such was the popularity of her dragons, that I ended up having a chat to one of her lovely creative-minded teachers about it, who then made the suggestion that my daughter use her golden time to run a little tutorial for any of the children who wanted to learn how to make one – we both thought that was a great idea! However, Covid-19 struck and the tutorial never happened. I have since learned from my daughter, however, that a number of her friends have now also invested in some polymer clay and they have been enjoying sharing their creations with one-another during their on-line meetups 😊 .

Material needed

Overview of the materials that you need for this simple creative idea.

Once your dragon is complete, pop it in the oven and bake at 130°C or follow the manufacturer’s instruction on your product. Leave it to cool for a few minutes once you take it out whilst it sets fully and so that you don’t burn yourself!

Get creative

For a little extra fun or variations why not try a few of the following: make unicorn- or ram-style horns for some of your dragons, give them some colourful dragon eggs of different sizes, make a family of them – how small can you make a baby dragon?

Dragon tutorial

Happy modelling – wishing you lots of fun with this lovely material!! 😊

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