Bluey is a seven (nearly eight) year old cat living in Stroud. He is a rescue cat, along with his sister Blossom (Blossom is sadly deceased – run over by a car at a noticeably young age) we adopted them as a pair in the early summer of 2012. Their original names were Vinny and Mabel, Bluey doesn’t remember these names, as he hasn’t been addressed as Vinny since he was less than one.

Anyway, Bluey has dark black fur and green eyes, if you want to see some pics then you should go and check out his Instagram account (, for regular cuteness! He’s always being cute and funny, and that is why we are here – to share the cuteness with all of you guys! We may also talk about his good friends Snuffles, our guinea pig, and Amberscale, our bearded dragon.

He is always being cute, funny, and most of the time, friendly – and regularly, we will be here to describe Bluey’s latest ridiculous escapades and adventures.

Bluey has gotten into loads of adventures in his life already, but we cannot tell you about all of them, as that wouldn’t be possible, so, we will continue this episode with some explanations of a bit of what he has done lately!

Give me cheese! 

We’ll kick this episode off with the cheese incident. One night, we had just consumed a lovely dinner, Bluey was sat underneath our table looking for scraps of delicious human food – he had a full bowl of cat food, but he wanted human food – so, I reached down to stroke him. He was in the same spot he always was at human dinner time and for once, he couldn’t find anything on the floor, not even under Dalia’s chair! He must have been wondering why we had suddenly stopped dropping food, like we normally do – we are quite messy eaters – so when we took our bowls through to the kitchen, to clean them, he jumped up on the table, and started eating from the pot of grated cheese! We had just realised that we had left the cheese out on the table, so we returned, to find Bluey with his snout in the cheese. It was very funny, and poor Bluey, the naughty boy, must not have known why we were laughing. He continued eating the cheese for a second, and then he promptly jumped off the table with a guilty look on his face, as if to say, “I’m sorry, but it was soooo nice!”

The treacherous fence

One sunny afternoon, a few days after the events of Give me cheese, Bluey was sitting with us in the garden. He was being stroked and falling asleep in the warmth of the sun, when a bird suddenly took flight from a tree in our next-door neighbour’s garden. Bluey decided to go and investigate. He jumped up onto the fence, climbed onto next door’s shed and jumped into their garden. A few minutes later, he jumped onto their shed, and began climbing down the fence, all was going well in this perilous expedition, until we called him. He looked at us, tried to jump, but fell off into the overgrown gap between the two fences. We called him for a long time, but he didn’t come. We were all very worried until about an hour and a half later, he came along and began to scratch at the door (he always does this despite the fact he has a perfectly good cat flap).

That’s it for this blog, we hope you have enjoyed it, so does Bluey!

© 2020 Rohan and Dalia

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