Once you have had a go at exploring Kawaii drawing for yourself (Read more about Kawaii drawings), feel free to use this tutorial on making your own D.I.Y. stickers. If you would like to skip the drawing part for now – you can still have a go by using printable Kawaii D.I.Y. stickers to colour-in and make your own stickers.

It has been reported that more letter writing has been taking place during the weeks of lockdown. Not only have many of us had a little more time than usual, but it can also be a welcome break from our screens whilst still reaching out and connecting.

It can be a pleasure to slow down and take time over writing and undoubtedly having a handwritten letter pop through the door can be a true joy as well! A personally hand-decorated letter = an extra dose of cheer!

Decorating your own paper is a great solution if you don’t have special letter-writing stationary to hand and are likely to be unable to find some for a while due to non-essential shops being closed, or simply wanting to stay home a while longer.

We are quite big fans of stickers in our house, but our son who is very environmentally conscious does like to point out to us that even stickers, whilst fun, are not so great for the environment.  So we thought that D.I.Y. stickers made out of plain paper could be just as fun to add to a letter! It can make the letter very personal and as cheerful as you like 😊

Feel free to type a letter if you prefer this to hand-writing – and if you want to skip straight ahead to making the stickers, instead of drawing, feel free to use this printable XXX (skip to step 3).

Alternatively, you could make some stickers to decorate your own notebooks or journals – whatever you decide – have fun crafting!  

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