Hello there, we’re back and we have some more stories about Bluey and we hope you find them as entertaining as we do!

For me?

My mother does crochet quite a lot as it is one of her hobbies and Bluey seems to enjoy crochet as much as she does: whenever she is making or has made one of her many, many blankets he always seems to think it’s for him and him only. He always sits on them as he thinks they are all made just for him. It’s quite cute but slightly annoying to my mother because he gets all his cats’ hairs all over it. He seems to have a particular favourite which is on the sofa and he always comes to sit with us on the blanket when we are watching TV together. He does look cute, but when we try to stroke him when he is in that position, he sometimes tries to scratch us – we think he probably doesn’t want to share the blanket because he thinks it’s just for him! It seemed a bit strange the first time he did it, we wondered why he liked them so much and if it was something to do with the wool, but now we’re used to it and we think it’s because if he can’t chase the wool when our mother is using it he might as well sleep on it when she is finished!

My Turn

Another one of Bluey’s most classic behaviours is when he thinks he’s a human. This behaviour comes out especially when we are all in the same room together and normally when some of us are playing board games or card games. He always tries to join in, often with disastrous consequences; when we are playing Monopoly he wants to own some of London too, in fact all of London! He walks up to us where we are playing – which is usually on the floor – and just flops down on the board and starts rolling about all over it. We do find this a bit funny but it does get a bit annoying because he always does it. One time, my sister was having her hair combed by my mother whilst we were playing a game and Bluey came along and flopped down again and rolled about as if asking for his turn to be groomed and have his fur brushed. We think this indicates that he believes that he has equal or higher ranking within the family, and at the very least that he’s definitely a human too!

We hope you have been entertained by our stories of Bluey’s funny and ridiculous behaviour and have had a good dose of catty happiness for this month.

© 2020 Rohan and Dalia

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