Hello again and welcome to September’s issue of the Bluey Blog. We hope you are ready for some more cuteness and catty adventures!  

Why the wild flowers won’t grow

This spring my sister and my dad and I planted some wildflower seeds in the garden. They were designed to attract bees and butterflies. We thought they would grow and in no time at all the garden would be teaming with wildlife and insects; we were wrong. Bluey, unfortunately, didn’t seem to understand the prospect of flower seeds. He must have heard us calling it a flower bed and thought that it literally meant a bed – for him. At first he just seemed interested in sniffing around it and we didn’t think it was a problem, however, when the flowers weren’t growing, we realised why. Bluey had decided to use the flower bed as his bed! On several occasions we found him lying on the exact spot we had planted the seeds! We maybe should have realised he might do this as one of his favourite things is to lie and roll about in the grass and flowers. Also, the patch of ground where the seeds were was probably quite warm because it was dark soil and in the sun and Bluey does love a good ol’ bask in a warm and cosy spot. And he also likes to go and sleep in the rabbit hutch in the garden that isn’t used – maybe this is where he goes to cool off after basking on the flower bed?

Critical evidence of cuteness

Some of you might remember that in an earlier issue we explained how Bluey pretends that he doesn’t know us when he is busy running about outside the front of the house having his catty adventures. Well this picture is evidence of how cute he really is and how much he loves to have cuddles. He is very soppy really. I also think this picture shows how he likes to pretend that he is a highly important sphinx – although if he was, whatever he was guarding would be in serious trouble – he would most likely accept a tin of tuna over a solved riddle any day! We also know that he is only pretending that he doesn’t want to be associated with his “cringey humans”, because whenever we go out and come home, we spot him sitting in my sister’s window at the front of the house, waiting for us to return. He does like to sit there when we are in the house as well (it is one of his favourite spots), but hey, we like to think he’s waiting for us. And then when we get home he likes to run down the stairs and excitedly meow at us. All in all, we believe that this proves that he is a very affectionate and loving cat, who would make a very… different sort of sphinx.

Bluey, really cute?

Well that’s it for this time. We’ll be back again soon to let you know more about Bluey and what he has been up to – which is always something as he is quite adventurous – and did we mention, really cute? 

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