The following story was created and performed by Abigail’s daughter, using a combination of Moulin Roty shadow puppets and the puppets they hand made whilst preparing the tutorial. The Mini Shadow Theatre is also home made – to make your own have a look at this tutorial


Narrator: A long long time ago in a place far far far away there was a in the middle of nowhere, but at the end of that forest a was a Castle was this wasn’t any old Castle, it was a huge Castle. All the royalty lived there, they even had a donkey! Now one day this very big Castle had a special visitor.

Dragon: “roar roar I’m a dragon roar! I see a Castle” The dragon flew excitedly about breathing his fire all over the place.

Scene 1

Dragon: “roar roar I’m a dragon roar! “ – breathes fire – “Oops, oh no, now the castle it is burnt!” 

Princess: “oh no why is my Castle burning whatever is happening oh dear I must get to my father the King!”

King: “oh that’s horrible why is our Castle burning it’s practically invincible nothing can burn it down!”

Princess: “yes father it is magic and invincible and nothing can burn it down – apart from a Dragons’ fire!”

King: “what are you trying to say that means that you think there’s a dragon on the loose!”

Princess: “yes father that’s the only explanation for this! but we must flee the Castle before we catch fire!”

Scene 2

Narrator: the King and the Princess both fled the Castle. the Prince quickly followed along with the fairy godmother they stood outside the Castle watching it burn down.

Prince: “I’m ever so sad. I grew up there.”

Princess: “yes very sad. We should catch that dragon before it burns anything else important down!”

King: “children calm down. I’m sure we can just move to our spare Castle. It’s fine this is just a little Castle but I guess the other Castle is on the other side of the world…. I know another place to stay!”

Prince: “and where is that exactly?”

Scene 3

Narrator: Everyone walked for quite a while trying to find this new place the King said they could stay at. As they walked it looked very magical, A happy deer ran past and small hedgehogs snuffled through the trees. Finally they came across a small cabin in the woods. 

King: Yep this is the place well I mean it looks like the place I’m not sure if it is the place wait no this is definitely the place yes this is the place we’re staying.

Princess: a bit small, isn’t it! I mean I’m used to a big Castle so…

Narrator: everyone gulped as a witch flew out of the cabin window.

Witch: Hello you must be the King! You booked my cabin right? Yes of course you booked my cabin who wouldn’t want to book my cabin! come in I’m sure you’ll like it!

Fairy Godmother: No! A witch no we’re not staying in a place with a witch never ever!

Scene 4

Narrator: Everyone ignored the fairy godmother and stayed in the cabin with the witch. The witch was nice so they didn’t have a problem staying with her. She also had a very friendly black cat that seemed to sit and watch, it was always staring out the window mystically. The cabin was a bit small but lots of wonderful creatures lived there and it was in the magical woods so they managed to live with it.

Weeks later…

Princess: “I’m going to get some water from the well now bye everybody!”

Fairy godmother: “Hmph I’m still very mad we had to stay here with this witch. I don’t like her. Our families have had a rivalry for years and we’re just staying in a cabin with her. This is madness.”

Witch: “give it up for once fairy godmother you’re so annoying still grumbling about the fact that  your best friends didn’t listen to you well tough luck there trapped in my cabin now and they’re not leaving until I take their souls what do you think about that!”

Fairy godmother: “what no that’s horrible I knew there was something wrong with you no no no!”

Witch: “I was just kidding around with you! I would never do anything like that… wait a minute what was that noise!”

Narrator: There was a loud rumbling noise as the dragon flew towards the cabin it was the dragon that burnt down the Castle! It could burn the cabin easily! The dragon stopped at the door and bent over to look through one window.

Dragon: “I didn’t mean to burn down your Castle I was just trying to make some friends but you ran off screaming that is not very friendly…”

Narrator: At first all the animals came in to be friends with the dragon, and then when the humans realised it was OK they came in too and the dragon made them a fire that they all sat around and toasted marshmallows well into the night in one big celebration! Even the witches cat came and made friends with the dragon! The dragon was happy now that he’d made some friends, so, in return, he used his dragon magic to fix the castle and they all lived happily ever after.

The End

© Abigail Cole 2020

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