Rohan (12) and Dalia (9)

Hi there!

We’re back, with another issue of the Bluey Blog for you all to enjoy!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s actually a bird.

Bluey likes to think of himself as a fearless warrior cat, admired by all; he is, however a soppy, affectionate cat, who is admired by all, but for a totally different reason (I’m sure that you can guess what). His vision of himself is, unfortunately for him, very untrue, due to the fact that he is afraid of pigeons. Our neighbourhood is full of birds, most of which are in fact pigeons. There is one particular pigeon that seems to scare Bluey the most however. It is the biggest pigeon that normally sits on one of our neighbour’s roofs. Whenever it flies past, or lands nearby, Bluey always sprints straight out of the garden, and back into the house, and starts meowing, as if to say, “Is it gone yet?”. We have a sneaking suspicion that when Bluey was younger, the pigeon terrorised him, and he still is afraid of the bird, to this very day. Bluey does sometimes like to think he is the boss of this house, but in this case, it seems like the big pigeon is the boss of him! 

I’m a human too… I think!

Along with how he thinks that he is a fearless warrior (mentioned above) Bluey also likes to think that he is a human. He thinks he is a lot of things. One of his favourite things to do, when trying to prove that he is a human, is to sit on our chairs; a lot of the time, we find him sitting on various chairs all around the house, often meowing, to get our attention. He is, however, a bit confused as to what is generally the normal amount of people sat on a chair at a time, as a lot of the time, he jumps up, and staying true to the if I fits, I sits philosophy, plonks himself down upon the chair. Another one of the things he does to prove that he is a human, is showing up at the same time as us for dinner, and sitting on the floor beneath our chairs, eating whatever we drop whilst eating. This may just be because he doesn’t want his cat food, but we like to believe that it is because he wants to be one of us.

Here is Bluey looking a bit guilty that he is sitting in one of our chairs!

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of the Bluey Blog, and we hope that we have packed enough of Bluey inside this, to fill a whole month.

© 2020 Rohan and Dalia

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