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Hi Simone,

I really enjoy our talks and your mentoring its a refreshing change for me to feel like someone gets me and isn’t just copying or going along for the ride with my ideas.

You asked me why I laugh and I think it’s because it is such a different experience and I can feel a sense of growth through it that I get a real feeling of joy from and it bursts out as a laugh.

I often feel like the real valuable information exchanges are like keys and I can feel when a key happens it literally changes something in my brain and my thoughts and I can feel a whole new level of understanding come about that it doesn’t come from me it comes from that person’s words and it feels like a gift, it’s very enjoyable and a very physical sensation in my brain.

I can think of only three other times in my life I have had a teacher or mentor who understood me and had a strong enough and independent enough personality so that they weren’t pulled in by my enthusiasm but were also supportive and constructively critical and that led me to growth.

And now you’re the fourth, thank you!


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