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“I’ve always ‘over-reacted’ to death and been embarrassed at funerals to usually be one of the most emotional there, even when the person is not someone I was particularly close to. The person that died wasn’t very close – a distinction I feel I need to make to assuage my paranoia of overstating my connection and laying claim to sympathy I don’t feel is due. Can’t have that 🙃.
Thank you so much for your kind words. I did appreciate myself for taking it easyand also (despite what | said above) letting myself be sad and full of grief because I recognised that it is part of my sensitivity and is tapping into my empathy, stored grief and my own mortality- as you very rightly say.
Anyway, I am back on track today and thank you again – I think at another time I would have been much harsher on myself for feeling sad. Thanks to working with you I was able to see that it was my sensitivity at play and give it the love and space it needed.”
Karen L.

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