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August 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Have a lovely summer  ~ Don’t miss out on Power of the Woods weekend in September

July 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: “The biggest challenge is not being understood and being forced to fit in” Interview with mum of three ~ New Power of the Woods weekend in September

June 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: “The best camp ever” Second Power of the Woods weekend, 4-7-8 breathing exercise and PowerWood Camp coming up!

May 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Picture impression first Power of the Woods weekend – Looking for an Apprentice – A father’s perspective on PowerWood – PowerWood in Juno Magazine

April 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Last chance to book Power of the Woods, London visit rewarding, PowerWood Happy Families, How to make your own PowerBeader

March 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Aurora Remember interviews Simone ~ Join Power of the Woods ~ Learn about risky play

February 2017 Aurora Remember’s podcast: A Safe Space to Embrace Your Inner Fire with Simone de Hoogh

February 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Last chance for EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – David talks about PowerWood – Looking for Lego

January 2017 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: A New Year a Fresh Start Does this fit your New Year resolution? Romy (8) about PowerWood


December 2016 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Hope and Light for the Festive Days: Grant for Power of the Woods Project, Interview with Ella (12), join PowerWood Camp with early bird discount:)!

October 2016 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Connect, share and be empowered in Amersham and East Sussex with other mums sharing the same challenges

September 2016 PowerWoods GoodNewsletter: Connect, share and empower in Amersham and East Sussex, “My son had been diagnosed with many things before” how a family found clarity etc.

August 2016 PowerWoods GoodNewsLetter: Happy summer, Jorman news, parent story “Everything seems to affect him so deeply and intensely”, introduction to new staff member Sarah and more…

July 2016 PowerWoods GoodNewsLetter: A parent’s story – The challenges of raising children who have been in care, Start fresh new school year in October: Amersham Connect over Lunch and East Sussex Workshop weekend – connecting positively and confidently guiding your OE child and teenager, Job opportunity – Personal and Communication Assistant

June 2016 PowerWood’s GoodNewsletter A parents story – “She is a mirror of me”, Authentic Communication Training – last chance to book! Volunteer weekend in glorious sunshine, and more…

June 2016 Podcast: Wavelength 5.2 : Simone De Hoogh from Powerwood CIC on Authentic Communication Training.

May 2016 PowerWood’s GoodNewsletter Intriguing interview, Extra Authentic Communication Training, Summer Camp and how your donations contributed to PowerWood:)!

PowerWood Newsletter April 2016 Top 3 Tips to up your energy and resilience level | PowerWood’s Authentic Communication Training starts soon | PowerWood Gathering for Volunteers | Interview: “PowerWood helped me appreciate our strong emotions, instead of being afraid of them”

PowerWood Newsletter March 2016 Spring is in the air….  Dare to indulge yourself: Give yourself an inspiring heart-warming day for YOU only, book the London Workshop: Enjoy feeling connected, understood and strengthened. Be part of our Community:)!

PowerWood Newsletter February 2016 Interview: “Our son’s constant questioning leaves us feeling exhausted”, A new day: London Workshop Weekend, Join us and grow your confidence! Volunteer with PowerWood:)!


Juno Magazine Article ‘Individuality’ by Lucinda Leo PowerWood Volunteer Winter Issue 2015

PowerWood Newsletter December 2015 Interview: “My 4 year old was so overwhelmed by her emotions she wanted to end her life”, Simone interviews Karen the ‘Birds of Prey Lady’, PowerWood Camp Podcast, Dates PowerWood Camp 2016, JUNO article

PowerWood Newsletter November 2015 “I had no idea how to help my daughter, and I felt a complete failure as a parent”

PowerWood Newsletter October 2015 Last chance to book East Sussex workshops and a HUGE Thank YOU to the enthusiastic and skilled volunteers of PowerWood Camp:)!

Powerwood Newsletter September 2015 PowerWood Camp in Pictures, Workshop Weekend ‘OE’ (Intensity, hyper-sensitivity and super-reactivity) East Sussex 17-18 October: Connecting Positively and/or Guiding Confidently your OE Child or Teenager

Listen to this PowerWood Podcast that the children, tweens and teens made during PowerWood Camp 2015 by interviewing each other and thank you Lucinda Guy of  SoundArt Radio for offering this inspiring workshop at PowerWood Camp, the children loved making it, and we loved the results! It will give you an isight in what is going on during the camp and how children and their parents experience the camp:)!

PowerWood Newsletter August 2015 Last chance to book PowerWood Camp: Weather forecast Devon: SUNNY 😀 & creative craft sessions; Pencil in: Workshops East Sussex 17 & 18 Oct.

PowerWood Newsletter July 2015 Summer, here we come! 😀 What’s on at the PowerWood Camp continued…
The sumptuous, sizzling, sound-crafting, bird-flying, bridge-building, hypnotic, clay-oven baking, power-beading PowerWood Summer camp is almost here!!  How could you miss out??

PowerWood Newsletter June 2015 Light, love and understanding 😀 NEW: Birds of Prey, Isca, PowerWood Podcast, Accupressure, Reminder PowerWood Workshop and KickStart! weekend in Devon, Introduction New Volunteer.

PowerWood Newsletter May 2015 Happy Birthday! Invitation to celebrate with KickStart PowerWood Workshop Weekend in Devon in June, Meet up with the Volunteers, new Parent Blog:)

PowerWood Newsletter March 2015 March Special Thank YOU

PowerWood Newsletter Local Devon News February 2015 South West Activity PowerWood Half Term: PowerWood Gathering indoors. This Wednesday 18th February 10.30am-4pm

PowerWood Newsletter February 2015, London one month to go: Workshops in London 7th and 8th March 2015: Connecting Positively with and/or Guiding Confidently your Intense, Sensitive, Overexcitable (more)able Child or Teenager


PowerWood Newsletter December 2014 Merry Christmas, Interview Simone and Calendar 2015


JUNO Paula Cleary describes what she likes about the Home Educators’ Summer Festival and also talks with Simone de Hoogh who give a workshop to teenagers.