Inspiration Source

Video Tutorial:

PAINT DATE Ep:1 /Easy Technique to paint Waves for Beginners


Acrylic paint and different brushes (fine tip, square tip, multi-pack purchased from The Works,  The Range or Hobby Craft or high-end supplier Newton and Windsor). A palate or old tea plate/saucer. Cup/beaker of water. Old cloth/rag to dry/clean brush (I use an old tea towel).

This is how it worked for me

I followed the video tutorial PAINT DATE Ep:1 /Easy Technique to paint Waves for Beginners to achieve this art. 

I used acrylics and learnt that sketching is key and underpins the final result, which I need to practice more. I also learnt that different brushes are key to achieving the effect of light, space and texture and to assist with blending of colours, something I need to acquire knowledge about. I learnt about lines and how their effects draw the eye, for example wavy lines add elements of movement and darker lines add depth and shadow and sometimes definition. 

I was inspired by coronavirus and the wave is my symbol of hope – a majestic natural power that cleanses, invigorates, heals, sings and washes away worries and fear and anger and is ever constantly reassuring ❤️.

“I like my wave.”

My plan

I am going to learn more about the different types of brushes by exploring YouTube tutorials aimed at beginners. I am motivated to investigate the variety/classifications etc of brushes and their uses with acrylic and watercolour medium whilst applying what I have observed through practical application by exploring and practising blending colours. It would be helpful if I practised more and I will keep you updated on how I get along. 

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